5 Fierce Lady Gaga Celebrity Renditions

Lady Gaga's songs are so catchy, other artists are playing them, too! Check out these fabulous celebrity covers of Gaga's biggest hits.

You've listened to most of Lady Gaga's tracks, and maybe you've even heard her strip down her own tunes to their barest essentials (check out some of Gaga's best acoustic performances by clicking through to this article). Given her fame, it was only a matter of time before other musicians started playing her songs.

From BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances by Jared Leto-fronted rock band 30 Seconds to Mars (who did a dark, sexy, super dirty version of "Bad Romance"), popmeister Mika's cover of "Poker Face," and alt-rock band All Time Low's cover of "Alejandro," to Daughtry's cover of "Poker Face" for Radio Hamburg, and even hilariously silly dramatic readings of "Poker Face" by Hollywood stars Jude Law and Christopher Walken, everyone's got a take on Gaga.

If you've already clicked through all the links above and checked out the covers, here are a few other favorites for your entertainment:

1. Hayley Williams of Paramore covers "Bad Romance" on her piano, showing off her incredible vocal chops and wowing the Internet with her talent.

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