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These Are The Korean Celebs With The Most Wins + Nominations At The Baeksang Arts Awards

Korean actors and actresses with the most Baeksang wins and nominations in the last 10 years.

The Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the South Korean showbiz industry. It has been dubbed as the Oscards of South Korea, so winning—or even getting nominated for it—is a huge deal already for your favorite Hallyu stars. Each year, we see new batches of outstanding performances from top actors and rising stars alike. But in the last 10 years, several actors and actresses have stood out for repeatedly reaping nominations for various projects. A lucky few also have more than one Best Actor or Best Actress title to their names. 

Below, we list down the Korean actors and actresses with the most Baeksang wins and nominations in the last 10 years. 

Most Wins for Best Actor (Television)

  • Lee Byung Hun - 2010 (Iris) and 2019 (Mr. Sunshine)

Most Wins for Best Actress (Television)

  • Kim Nam Joo - 2010 (Queen Of Housewives) and 2018 (Misty)
  • Kim Hee Ae - 2013 (How Long I've Kissed) and 2020 (A World Of Married Couple)
    kim hee ae
    A World Of Married Couple/JTBC

Most Nominations for Best Actor (Television)

Three nominations:

Two nominations:

  • Lee Byung Hun - 2010 (Iris)* and 2019 (Mr. Sunshine)*
  • Jang Hyuk - 2010 (The Slave Hunters) and 2018 (Money Flower)
  • Shin Ha Kyun - 2012 (Brain) and 2021 (Beyond Evil)*
  • Cho Jae Hyun - 2014 (Jeong Do Jeon)* and 2015 (Punch)
  • Yoo Ah In - 2014 (Secret Love Affair) and 2016 (Six Flying Dragons)*
  • Song Joong Ki - 2016 (Descendants Of The Sun) and 2021 (Vincenzo)
    Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo
  • Park Seo Joon - 2018 (Fight For My Way) and 2020 (Itaewon Class)
    Park Seo Joon from
    Itaewon Class/JTBC/NETFLIX

*won Best Actor

Most Nominations for Best Actress (Television)

Three nominations:

  • Kim Nam Joo - 2010 (Queen Of Housewives)*, 2013 (My Husband Got A Family), and 2018 (Misty)*
  • Lee Bo Young - 2013 (My Daughter So Young), 2014 (I Can Hear Your Voice)*, and 2018 (Mother)

Two nominations:

*won Best Actress


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