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6 Deets About The Hiddleswift Romance That Might Surprise You Even More

And just when you thought nothing else could shock you...
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It’s safe to say that the coupling of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston (see: Hiddleswift) is the story that broke the internet in 2016.

Whether you’re for it, totally against it, or don’t give AF about it, there’s no denying that people are genuinely interested in the Hiddleswift romance. Their ‘relationship’ (if you can call it one at this point) was a massive shocker to us all–it’s almost as if Arsgard was proven to exist.

We all have soooo many questions about the Hiddleswift romance (Is it real, fake? WHAT GIVES, HIDDLESWIFT?!)—some of these have been answered (THANK GOD) by a reliable source. [via E! News]

Here are six Hiddleswift deets you may or may not have wanted to know:

1. Taylor was SO OVER her relationship with ex Calvin Harris (aka Adam Wiles).

"Taylor was hesitant to get involved so quickly after Adam but she felt that Adam was not giving her what she wanted for some time so she was ready to move on towards the tail end of their relationship anyway."

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2. Taylor had an immediate attraction to Tom.

"There was an immediate attraction. She felt like she was a little school girl with a huge crush."

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3. All the things Taylor loves about Tom:

"She loves the fact that Tom acts like such a mature man. She loves that he is older. She feels very safe and protected with him. The attraction is very strong."

4. Taylor is in it FOR REALS.

"[Taylor] is not on rebound mode, even though Tom questioned it a little when they first started talking."

5. And so is Tom.

"Tom wants to be with Taylor. [They are] 'already very attached' and 'text all the time.'"

6. Taylor thinks she found ~The One~

"Taylor said she thinks he is the one, as odd and new as it sounds."

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