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6 Pinoy Celebs Who Can't Get Enough Of K-Dramas

Because we’re in this 'no sleep life' together!

No one, and I mean no one, is safe from K-drama fever. If you give in just once, you’re pretty much in the K-drama life ~*forever*~!

The addictive plots and fist-clenching cliffhangers of each episode are responsible for all those sleepless nights (puyat = really bad idea). We’re not the only ones prioritizing screen time over sleep time, however; even celebs with super busy scheds––well, let’s just say kinain na rin sila ng sistema.

Anne Curtis-Smith

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Let’s start the list strong with one of the biggest Hallyu celebrity fans in the Philippines! Anne Curtis-Smith does not shy away from proclaiming her love for Gong Yoo on her Instagram. Like us, she's willing to fly to a different country just to see her crush (aka that time she flew to Hong Kong for Gong Yoo’s fanmeet)!

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Vice Ganda

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It’s pretty obvious from Vice Ganda’s fashion choices that he’s a big fan of Hallyu. It may seem like Vice Ganda only likes K-pop or Korean fashion, but don’t forget that one time when Jin Young, who played Kim Yoon Sung in Love In The Moonlight, greeted Vice Ganda a happy birthday. The video was a surprise gift from Sandara Park, his longtime friend, because she knew that Vice Ganda was a huge fan of Love In The Moonlight.


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Looks like we have the It’s Showtime trinity on this list because Karylle is also a big fan of K-drama! If Anne Curtis is to Gong Yoo and Vice Ganda is to Jin Young and Park Bo Gum, then Karylle is to Lee Min Ho! She’s been a fan of the Korean hunk for a long time and yes, if you’re asking, she’s watched almost all of them. She even shared an old pic of her posing next to Lee Min Ho’s photo for Bench.

Bela Padilla

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Bela Padilla is your classic case of a K-drama fan who has ~*lived the dream!*~ According to her, she’s watched so many already but her absolute favorite is Tomorrow, With You which stars Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon. And if you’re wondering why we said she’s lived the dream, that’s because she was given the opportunity to star with Korean actor Kim Gun Woo (from Fight For My Way) in a movie!

Robi Domingo

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If you’re a K-drama fan then you’ll definitely agree that K-dramas have the best OSTs. This is why it’s no surprise that it became Robi Domingo’s first step to becoming a K-drama fan! He has done some covers of K-drama OSTs and his favorites include Goblin, Descendants Of The Sun, and Vagabond.

Ellen Adarna

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Ellen Adarna was completely smitten by Goblin that she even shared her cover of Goblin’s OST, “Stay With Me.” In a now-deleted Instagram post, she says she can’t choose between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. Guuuurl, same!


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