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7 *Super* Funny K-Drama Stars And K-Pop Idols On TikTok

See the goofy side of some Korean personalities and spend hours just laughing away.
7 *Entertaining* Korean Stars On TikTok

If you follow K-pop artists like BTS or BLACKPINK on TikTok, you'll notice they have similar video formats. When you scroll through their feeds, you'll see promotions of their songs, clips of their choreography, and dance challenges with fellow artists. You might see behind-the-scenes clips of their music video shoots or events, too. Other celebs also feature clips from their vlogs.

Then, there's another rare breed of genuine Hallyu TikTokers: The ones who really take time to produce entertaining content. When you follow these funny actors and idols, they might hog your FYP at first, but it's totally worth it. Browse through their feeds and see the hours fly by.

Funny Korean celebrities on TikTok

1. Lee Si Young - @leesiyoung

ICYDK, Lee Si Young the tough actress who starred in Sweet Home (2020) and she was in the OG drama, Boys Over Flowers (2009). She's also an amateur boxer who has won championships in South Korea. Si Young's niche on TikTok is totally far from her background and on-screen personality. She does wildly hilarious skits with her non-showbiz husband (who's super game to star in her TikTok videos, BTW!)

@leesiyoung38 ???? ???? #?????????? #inlovewithSwitzerland #officialambassador #glacierexpress #rhaetiansensation#???????? #SwissTravelPass @rhaetischebahn ? ???? ??? - ???

@leesiyoung38 ??? ??? #??? #??? #???? @korea.on ? ???? ??? - ???

With 16.8M followers and 365M likes to date, Lee Si Young's videos always go viral. And it's not just dumb luck or aesthetics. Her skits are so funny that they transcend cultures and races! We're sure you can relate to a lot of them, especially if you're in a relationship. Some videos look effortless and something you can just think of while lounging around at home. But others look like full productions that she really spent time and money on. And sometimes, she just tries TikTok trends or budols and makes the most candid reaction videos.



? Dhoor Penddi - Mortifero Guiira ????


?? ?? ???????

? Sick Of It - KingDiaaa2

2. Lee Yi Kyung - @lee2kyung

If you saw him on K-dramas before, you already know he’s a naturally funny guy. He starred in both seasons of Welcome To Waikiki (2018 and 2019), Go Back Couple (2017), and Descendants Of The Sun (2016). His roles are always involved in slapstick comedy, so it's not surprising how well he fits into the TikTok world.

Recommended Videos
@lee2kyung ????! #??? #leeyikyung #??? ? Butter - ????? (BTS)

@lee2kyung ??? ??????? #??? #leeyikyung #??? ? ???? ??? - ??? Leeyikyung

Lee Yi Kyung only made an account last year (during BTS' "Butter" era), and now, he has over 3M followers and more than 61M likes. We can’t confirm who those girls and boys in his videos are—if any of them is his real-life girlfriend—but they're good actors, too! And his content ranges from everyday scenarios to those that seem like they were plucked right out of Korean rom-com plotlines.

@lee2kyung ? ?? ??? ???? #??? #leeyikyung #??? ? ???? ??? - ??? Leeyikyung

@lee2kyung ??? ?? ???? #??? #leeyikyung #??? ? son original - Akamz

3. Super Junior's Siwon - @davidsiwonchoi

You probably know him from one of the biggest K-pop boy groups ever, Super Junior. He also starred in She Was Pretty (2015) and Work Later, Drink Now (2021; season two will premiere this year!) His roles so far have always had that "funny guy" element to them, so we’re guessing that’s really his personality IRL.

@davidsiwonchoi ???? Good memories #??? #kiwelab #siwonchoi #??? #toystory ? men - OT even

@davidsiwonchoi ? ??? ???? I’m tougher than you think #??? #kiwelab #??? #siwonchoi ? ???????????? ???? - Kuznecovsky

Siwon joined TikTok only late last year, but his fans (old and new) have been receiving his videos so well so far. In fact, he already has 1.7M followers and 19.2M likes! And he doesn't limit his content to humor. There are some others where he shows off his cuteness and sexiness, too! Keep following him, and hopefully, he makes more TikTok videos!

@davidsiwonchoi ??? ?? ? Properly dressed for this movie #??? #siwonchoi #??? #kiwelab ? I feel it bryansanon unreleased - Bryansanon

@davidsiwonchoi ???? ?? ?? Piece of cake #??? #kiwelab #??? #siwonchoi ? ???? ??? - ??? • Siwon Choi

4. Ji Suk Jin - @jeeseokjin

Okay, he's not really a K-drama star, and he only made his ~K-pop group debut~ in the band called MSG recently. But if you've been a fan of Korean entertainment for years, you’ll know him as the oldest member of the longest-running Korean variety show, Running Man. Originally a singer, he eventually shifted to a career as a comedian.

@jeeseokjin ??? ?????~? ??? ?????! #??? #jeeseokjin #fyp #???? ? SugarCrash! - ElyOtto

@jeeseokjin @Jake Lurks ?? #???? ?? ???? #??? #jeeseokjin #fyp #???? ? ???? ??? - ???

Now at 56 years old, Ji Suk Jin is being teased by fellow Running Man members as the "TikTok harabeoji (grandpa)." He now has over 2.2M followers and 22.6M likes! He's definitely a jack of all trades, so he dabbles in so many activities and platforms. He eventually got to connect with a lot of his fans via TikTok (and YouTube). What makes his videos so funny? Sometimes, it’s just his earnest effort to entertain, especially when he tries out the TikTok trends. And sometimes, he really produces content that will make you LOL.

@jeeseokjin ??????????????! #??? #jeeseokjin #???? #???? #fyp ? Theme from "MacGyver" (From "MacGyver") - TV Sounds Unlimited

@jeeseokjin ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? #??? #2???? #funny #friend #foryoupage #???? ? ??????? - TikTokStamp???? - TikTokEffect????

5. Henry Lau - @iamhenry

The Canadian singer-songwriter became famous as part of Super Junior-M (the Chinese subgroup of the boy band). He eventually debuted as a soloist and starred in a few dramas like Oh My Venus (2015). His vibrant personality also landed him stints in various variety shows in China and South Korea.

@iamhenry Hitting every move. Literally. #dance #dancechallenge #tiktokdance #stayathome #?? #henrylau ? ?????? - ?????????????

@iamhenry how’s my singing? ???? #fyp #foryou #henrylau #?? ? Justin Bieber Whitney Houston acappella - Faffapix

Henry Lau's TikTok videos are a mix of cool effects and his candidness. He has amassed 2.4M followers and 29.4M likes. The most impressive videos feature awesome transitions that Gen Z users love (and even though he looks so young, Henry is already 32!) But there are also a lot of videos where he shows his playful side.


who wants a singing lesson? ?????

? original sound - iamhenry


my babies ????????????????????

? Alfalfa song - Collin

6. Shindong - @shindonggg

Super Junior's such a fun bunch, aren't they? Shindong is probably one of the usual sources of laughter in the group. He has also impressed a lot of fans with his dancing skills and lovable aura.

@shindonggg ???? ???? ???? ???? ????!!! ?? ???????????????? #????? ? Bang Bang Bang - putrican


? ?? ? TikTok?? ???? ?? ?

? ???? ??? - ?? ShinDong

With a new look, Shindong started creating TikTok videos in 2020, and now he has 1.6M followers and 24.7M likes. He likes trolling his fellow SuJu members, but most of his videos are solos with him just being adorable and hilarious. He even trolls his throwback pictures sometimes.

@shindonggg ? ?????~ #SJ @superjunior_smtown ? the bob for me - aqyila


??? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

? So Pretty - Oh Si Young

8. Eric Nam - @ericnam

Eric Nam is actually American, but he's of Korean descent. Aside from his work as a singer, he has received various awards like the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017 and GQ Korean Men Of The Year in 2016. He’s also made a presence on various social platforms, including Twitter and now TikTok.

@ericnam Can you NOT react? #DontReact #DontReactChallenge #LostOnMe #ThereAndBackAgain #EricNam #??? #Pop #Kpop #NewMusic #Lemons ? Lost On Me - Eric Nam

@ericnam #duet and #stitch this bb cause i wanna know if you are an amazing #kisser and #lover #anyotherway #whistle #??? ? Any Other Way - Eric Nam

Eric Nam makes a lot of reaction videos and doesn't shy away from fans, which is why he now has an engaged 1.3M followers (and 9.9M likes to date). He also creates a lot of funny text series, which even commoners like us can relate to. Recently, he also showed his sense of humor via fan service, when he (reluctantly) "agreed" to a fan's plea to be adopted by him. Who's your daddy?!

@ericnam #duet with @amori.cos always good to see my family and kids at my shows…. ???? #family #ericnam #??? #popmusic #concert #kpop #daddy #thereandbackagaintour ? omg father nam - Amori ?

@ericnam BUT DO YOU DANCE CRY????? ????????????????????head to @genius to hear the gossip and the tea behind #idkya #??? #ericnam ? original sound - ericnam

Who else are you following on TikTok? Who else do you think *should* make one? Share your thoughts with us!


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