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7 Must-Watch K-Dramas And Movies Starring Kim Dae Myung

This theater actor can do it all—comedy, drama, action, suspense, and with 'Hospital Playlist', even romance.
Must-watch Kim Dae Myung dramas
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When you hear the name Kim Dae Myung, you probably won't recall his face. He hasn't starred in a lot of mainstream TV shows, unlike his co-stars in one of the highest-rated cable Korean dramas ever. But when you watch any of his shows, you probably won't forget his face anymore. He's definitely a talented actor with a face that gets so animated depending on what the scene requires.

Kim Dae Myung doesn't have many notable titles in his filmography, but some of them are really gems waiting to be discovered. You'll see how his theater background comes in handy. He shines with his versatility in many genres—from comedy and romance to suspense and action.

Most of Kim Dae Myung's shows are very heartwarming. You might even need tissues for ugly crying at some point. And maybe tears from controllable laughter, too! Be sure to add these series to your binge-watch list:

Early Projects

1. Misaeng (2014)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The plot: A baduk player in his mid-20s finds himself as a rookie in the corporate world. He realizes that his part-time jobs and passion for the game won't get him anywhere. So, he's determined to succeed in his new career. Thankfully, his senior teammate (Kim Dae Myung) and other colleagues give their guidance and support along the bloody, sweaty, and tear-jerking journey.

2. Crimson Moon (2015)

Where you can watch it: YouTube (KBS World TV)

The plot: In a drama special for the cable network KBS, Kim Dae Myung plays the insane Crown Prince Sado. This TV film reimagined a bit of South Korea's ancient history with a supernatural twist. Aside from the fantasy element, you see a depiction of throne wars among royalty, like in many period dramas (saeguk).


3. Sound of Your Heart (2016)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The plot: This is such an underrated Korean sitcom, starring soon-to-be former Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo. The tall, funny guy plays Cho Seok, a struggling comic book artist who gets into all sorts of hilarious circumstances with his family and love interest. Kim Dae Myung plays Cho Seok's older brother who faces different dilemmas in the corporate world.

4. Bluebeard (2017)

The plot: If you like creepy thrillers, this is a perfect movie night choice. A doctor moves to the countryside and gets roped into a serial murder mystery. One of his patients actually says something disturbing while sedated. Add to that the weird demeanor of his patient's son (Kim Dae Myung). He slowly uncovers the secrets of the small town and tries to survive without losing his sanity.

5. The Drug King (2018)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The plot: What happens when a petty smuggler from Busan builds an empire of illicit drugs that are "Made in Korea"? He's in for a wild adventure, that's for sure. The plot is based on a true story of a rags-to-riches narcotics dealer in the 1970s. Aside from Parasite actor Song Kang Ho, Jo Jung Suk, and Kim Dae Myung are part of the cast. Jung Suk was a prosecutor chasing down the drug lord, while Dae Myung played a minor role as a drug trafficker.

Recent Projects

6. The Golden Holiday (2020)

The plot: This action comedy film is all about a detective who goes on a family vacation in a tropical country you might know: the Philippines! But unfortunately, his experience was far from sunny. He loses his possessions, becomes a murder suspect, and gets caught in the investigation of a criminal organization. With no backups, he relies on his tour guide (Kim Dae Myung) to get to the bottom of it. Most of the scenes were shot in Manila and Palawan (Coron, to be exact). Pinoy actor Mon Confiado also made his South Korean film debut in this movie.

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7. Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The plot: Five buddies from medical school work in one hospital with different specialties. What binds them aside from their decades-long friendship? Music. And maybe also their passion for their patients, food, and being unicorns we'd all like to be friends with. They get together every week to practice their instruments, perform songs as a band, and give the world much-needed good vibes. Here, Kim Dae Myung plays the OB surgeon-professor with a standoffish exterior. But once you get to know him, you'll adore his big, cuddly heart. Catch the entire season one and watch out for the upcoming season two episodes—all on Netflix!

Bonus: Wise Camping Life (2020)

Where you can watch it: YouTube

This web variety show is a must-watch if you want to see a more candid side of Kim Dae Myung (and the rest of Mido and the Falasol). Here, they are tasked to go on a camping trip, where they prepare all the equipment and food on their own. They also play fun games and test their teamwork while hanging out outdoors.

The whole project was the Hospital Playlist producer's way of thanking the drama's fans for their love and patience for season two. They were supposed to premiere it months earlier. However, they didn't want to do it just when social distancing rules got strengthened in South Korea. But, the whole production crew and cast just came to a point when they didn't want to put it off anymore. And that's how we got epic content featuring our favorite '99-ers.


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