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7 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Models Reveal What They Really Eat

"We are humans, we are normal!"


So, how do you deal with a Thanksgiving dinner five days before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
Thanksgiving is, essentially, the best day of the year in my calendar. It's better than birthdays, it's better than anything. For me, Thanksgiving is [about] family, food, and football. Oh yeah, football. My day was spent on the couch watching a football game, playing with my little cousins, and baking. And then, throughout all those activities, eating.

My mom makes this amazing pumpkin bread. Especially when it's warm and soft out of the oven. My favorite thing is on Thanksgiving morning, you wake up to watch the parade, and the smell of this bread in the oven is just, like, it's happiness.

I feel like a lot of people would be surprised to know that a Victoria's Secret Angel is eating pumpkin bread a week before the show.
I don't think people realize half of the things that we do [or eat]. We are humans, we are normal—I live my life, I have a wonderful, happy, healthy life. I indulge! But I also work hard. I work out and I train and I'm very active and always healthy, but, you know...I have a sweet tooth. It's about balance, because that's the only way to [keep your routine] sustainable. I don't diet; I'm not a fan of diets or fasts. I just do my best to stay healthy.


Have you already enjoyed a full English breakfast this morning, at least?
You know, no, you people have been letting me down. I'm thoroughly disappointed. Tomorrow, though, Lily [Aldridge] and I are having a proper English tea date with scones and jam.

[Karlie squeals. At first I think over the prospect of scones, but it turns out it's because her hairdresser burned her scalp a little with hot tongs. Never say the life of a model is all fun and glamour.]

What have you had for breakfast this morning — what keeps you going on the day of the show?
I stay hydrated; we're all really on the go, so you just have to stay hydrated more than anything. I'm chugging down fruit juices, and for breakfast, mainly out of necessity because [of how early the call time was] I had a cookie. A Karlie's Kookie! I eat them for breakfast often, because it's almond flour, a handful of almonds, it's oats, it's agave, and olive oil. So you have a bit of clean energy. It's like a power bar.

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Has Taylor Swift not been sending you baked goods on the regs then?
No, we've both been so busy and in opposite directions that I've hardly even seen her. But we're going to have fun out on that runway.


As one of the British Angels here, have you been recommending all of London's best restaurants?
I've told all the girls they need to go and have Nando's! [Editor's Note: Nando's is a chain of Portuguese-style chicken restaurants, and the food is good.] There's a Nando's literally right next to our hotel—I hope by now they've all [listened to me] and had some Nando's. You just have to have the chicken.


Karlie [Kloss] told me she'd been disappointed there was no full English breakfast this morning. What's that about?
Right, like, I really thought there was going to be some bacon and some eggs and some mushrooms. I'm like, What the hell? I mean, it's great. The catering is great. But I'm like, Hold on a second, let's embrace the fact that we're in London and have a full English breakfast. That's what I wanted.

You know, I saw people wheeling a shopping cart full of baguettes and packs of bacon backstage. I don't know where it went, but maybe there'll be some bacon butties [Ed note: This is British for "sandwich"] for you all?
That would be amazing. I could use a bacon butty now.

You could eat a bacon butty on the day of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
Oh, hell yeah. I need that.

What have you had to eat so far this morning?
To be fair, I was hoping there'd be more breakfast catered, so I only had a green tea and some fruit, which is kind of rubbish. It was like a prep for breakfast.


And how about in recent weeks? Have you had to monitor what you're eating and keep to a strict food plan?
I generally eat well. I don't really follow a crazy diet or anything in the lead-up [to the show] or at all—I want to eat good healthy food, because I want to have good food in my system. I love a good curry, though; curries can be healthy. I'm into South Asian cuisine at the moment—I like to make my own Thai curries, Malaysian curries. And a nice stir-fry is always good, or steamed fish.



Have you had time to enjoy good British food so far this trip?
You know, I've eaten British food when I've been here before, but I feel like this trip is so intense and so energy-driven that we don't have time for a proper meal. No fish and chips, can you believe it? I hope catering brings some fish and chips, that would be amazing right before the show. While in London, you should; you know, I did steal some chips from Candice [Swanepoel] yesterday, during rehearsal. They were good.

You'd enjoy a good ol' battered cod before the show?
I feel like there's nothing you're going to do last minute that's going to drastically change your body. You should have put in that hard work before to see the results.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I made sure I got fruits, because I need the sugar. I don't do caffeine—I don't like what it does to my heart. Let me see, what else...yogurt, granola, and some eggs. They didn't have [much else] here today in our buffet.


I was telling Jourdan [Dunn] I saw a lot of baguettes and bacon coming backstage earlier.
WHEN WAS THAT? Oh my gosh, I was talking to Jacquelyn [Jablonski] and Lindsay [Ellingson] at breakfast earlier and I was like, "Where's the bacon?"

I hope I haven't spread a false bacon rumor.
If you have, I'm coming after you.



As one of the British models, are you shouldering extra responsibilities? You're the hometown hero!
I've always wanted to be the hometown hero! And, you know, this year the after-after-party is in my hands. It's the secret Angel party.

What happens at the secret Angel after-after-party? It sounds so glamorous.
I cannot tell you. What happens at the secret Angel party stays at the secret Angel party. But if I'm in charge there's going to be sausage and mash—and sausage rolls! That's easier, actually, [as] when we're done we'll just be able to eat sausage rolls out of [the packets].

Can we talk about the breakfast situation here? What's been happening?
I was on the bus coming here and I said there'd better be an English breakfast, and we got here and there wasn't even eggs! There was only hard-boiled eggs so I think [the caterers] had to go make some more eggs because there was some...discord. I've heard the lunch is really nice.


What did you have for breakfast?
I had a big bowl of porridge this morning from room service. Is that weird? I woke up early and sat in bed with a big bowl of porridge. I like maple syrup and milk with my porridge, sometimes some honey. I just wanted something warm and comforting; it's a rainy day—I knew I wasn't going to...well, I didn't know what the breakfast situation was going to be here, let's say. And I like to have a few breakfasts. My boyfriend often asks me, "Have you had second breakfast yet?"And I'm like, "Haha, I'm on my third." Second breakfast should be coming up now, actually; I'll be rooting around. Oh, I've already had one of Karlie's Kookies! She brought them with her. I was feeling peckish, so there we go.



I've heard some murmurings about the breakfast situation here this morning. Can you comment on that whole backstage scandal?
I was hoping for some eggs and sausages, but we didn't get any. It was all smoothies and yogurt and stuff like that.

So a healthy breakfast. Have you been keeping to a strict diet in preparation for the show?
I think it depends on the girl—I've always had a fast metabolism so I don't have to be really careful, but, you know, moderation is key. I eat everything I want, but in little amounts. I have a huge sweet tooth, so if I'm craving a cupcake I'll eat one, but not five. I love chocolate as well.

You even managed to practice moderation over Thanksgiving then?
I was at home for Thanksgiving in St. Louis [Missouri], and I just blew it out. Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving. I ate all the home cooking and then worked out afterward. I love stuffing, and I made—I personally made—two different kinds of pumpkin pies. And sweet potatoes, whatever, however you prepare it, I'm game.



So it's your first time in the show! How have you been prepping?
I've been to the gym every day, and I have a trainer—we've been emailing over routines and doing workouts over Skype! He sends me videos of the exercises.

Are there any routines you're particularly focused on?
I have to work a lot on my ass, actually.


And how about an eating routine—what have you eaten today, for example?
Growing up, I used to eat bad [food] but now, as a model, I've changed and I'm trying to eat in a better way. You have to. I don't keep to a really strict diet, I just watch what I'm eating carefully. But you have to eat, because if you don't you don't have the energy. I really like chicken, it's full of protein. And this morning I ate a lot of green apples.



What was your breakfast this morning?
Whatever they gave us! Whatever they lay out; there's [normally] a good variety. And I just [eat] whatever my body's telling me it needs; I think everything and anything is fine in moderation. I had some eggs — I like scrambled but that wasn't an option. This was more of a cold breakfast buffet, and I'm not going to go crazy on the buffet. I don't think anyone is, but then there's only healthy food here anyway.

And what about afterward—is there going to be a late-night Angel run to the local fish and chip bar?
Are they open after the after-party?! I think all us models on the same page about food at the after party. We're like, Where's the pizza place?

P.S. I asked to take a photo of the buffet but was told I couldn't.

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