7 Wedding Lessons We Learned From The Movies

Like don't let your bridesmaids wear butt-ugly dresses.

1. Be very, very, very sure you’re marrying the right person.

Learn from: Runaway Bride

This is a pretty basic requirement in all marriages, but obviously, people still eff it up all the time! Not that you would leave your groom at the altar like Runaway Bride’s Maggie—that would be WAY too dramatic—but to avoid wasting all that time, money, and effort on building a life with someone you’re only going to leave years down the line, make sure he’s really worth the plunge to begin with.

2. Give your guy the lowdown on how things work in your family.

Learn from: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In this movie, Greek gal Toula and American guy Ian fall in love, and she has to ease him into her big, crazy, culturally traditional family—a far cry from his small, sedate, suburban one—for their impending nuptials. Be sure to school your own guy on your family’s and relatives’ idiosyncrasies so he won’t wonder what the hell he got himself into once he’s officially part of the brood.

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3. Make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page.

Learn from: Sex and the City

While Big really was kind of a dick for bailing on Carrie on their wedding day, we can understand his anxiety over the huge production the wedding had become. Find out what your fiancé is comfortable with—does he dig big celebrations or is he an intimate gathering kind of guy?—and always run plans by each other.

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4. More expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Learn from: Bridesmaids

In this flick, there’s an over-the-top French-themed bridal shower and an expensive wedding gown flown in straight from Paris—both of which were complete disasters that stressed out beleaguered bride Lillian even more. When choosing your suppliers and planning your pre-wedding festivities, go for options that are within your budget, but are still tasteful and consistent with your vision and personality.  

5. Don’t let the desire to have the perfect wedding turn you into a bridezilla.

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Learn from: Bride Wars

Every bride wants that day to be perfect, but weddings come with so many details, it’s entirely possible for things to fall through the cracks. Don’t turn setbacks into such a huge deal that you strain your personal relationships. Surely there was a better way for best friends Liv and Emma to settle that scheduling conflict besides declaring an all-out war?

6. Be considerate of your entourage.

Learn from: 27 Dresses

Eternal bridesmaid Jane, she with the closetful of ugly outfits from various friends’ weddings, had this nice thing to say: “I don't care if somebody wants me to wear a funny dress. It's their day, not mine.” Be kind to the friends and loved ones who have agreed to play important roles in your special day by at least not letting them step out in such horrendous ensembles. They’ll be in the wedding pictures, too, you know.

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7. Be wary of inviting exes to the wedding.

Learn from: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Just to be safe. You never know what those bitches will try to pull.

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