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8 Reasons Why Josh Bowman Is The Hottest Human Being On Earth Right Now

Also, 8 reasons why his girlfriend Emily VanCamp is the luckiest lady alive.

1. He's not as serious as people think he is.

Sure, Josh Bowman plays the super conniving (and really hot!) Daniel Grayson on the ABC show Revenge, but IRL, he's actually pretty funny. "I guess I'm a goofball. I try not to take myself too seriously." So when he was asked if he could describe himself in one word, Josh blurted out, "Gorgeous. Oh, I don't know. I'm joking!"


2. He dresses impeccably well.

Dressed in Penshoppe's colored chinos and a chambray shirt, Josh admits that his personal style has evolved since he moved from Britain to Los Angeles three years ago. "I feel like it changes. Since I've lived in Los Angeles, it has probably gotten more Californian. I like these chinos a lot. They're very slim, and it sort of matches the shape of your body, which I think is important. The chambray shirts (he knows what chambray means!) are great, and have good texture."


3. Despite having a good sense of style, he isn't vain.

"I'm not really one to prune in front of a mirror," he says adding, "I don't think I've ever timed myself [on how long it takes for me to get ready]. Not too long. Five minutes? Short and swift."

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4. He's athletic. (So in case you haven't really stared at his hot bod, he looks like this naked.)

"I'm obsessed with golf. I surf, I like boxing. I love Pacquiao. I follow Mayweather, too. I'm a big sports fan. I used to play rugby. That was my sport before."


5. But hates the gym as much as we do!

"Going to the gym is just awful sometimes. I've gone into a gym many times, and just turned around. Honestly, [I] just went in, turned around, got myself a protein shake to make myself feel a little bit better, and walked out."

6. He loves being bad.


"[Daniel] has got a little bit more to him than just being the nice guy. He's a little bit more fleshed out, more three-dimensional. I'm having a lot more fun just being an absolute bastard. It's a lot of fun."
7. He looks so sexy without his shirt.

8. Again, with feelings. 

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