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8 Times Solenn And Nico Were Too Awesome For Our Lives

These two are just so intense together!
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We love all the It Girls and their men, but as much as we don't want to play favorites, we have to admit that we look forward most to the social media posts of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico. They're just so awesome together, especially when their respective ~intense~ sides are out on full display like in these instances:

When Nico woke Solenn up like this:

And when Solenn welcomed Nico home like this:

How can you not love these two?!

When SosBolz looked like adrenaline junkies while on vacay:


And when they could pass as real action stars while working out:

Wifezilla can kick butt!

Their PDA moments always make us so kilig:

So. Much. Chemistry.

...and sometimes, they make us go LOL:

Even their Twitter convos can get super intense:


And of course, they look super awesome together, with clothes or without.


 No wonder Nico and Solenn are the perfect new awesome endorsers for Cignal Postpaid! With seven postpaid plans to choose from and up to 32 HD channels with Dolby Surround Sound available, you're bound to get a TV experience that's perfect for your budget and lifestyle.

Join Nico and Solenn and don't miss out on awesome with Cignal!

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