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9 Flicks To Catch In Cinemas This October

Two Halloween offerings, two romcoms, four man flicks, plus the return of Agent 007--get a load of all the treats in store for you (and your guy) this month!

With all the action-packed flicks lined up for October, we bet it’s your man who’ll be dragging you to the movies this month. But don’t worry; with all the hot guys taking the lead role, it won’t take much for you to agree to come along.

This month, we have Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawke, Ewan McGregor, Ben Affleck, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Daniel Craig all set to ooze high-octane manliness at the cinemas.

In Taken 2, Neeson reprises his role as a retired CIA operative who is forced to use his skills to save his family. Pitt is a hired enforcer who investigates a crime in a card game that went awry in Killing Them Softly. Affleck is a CIA specialist tasked to save Americans from militants in Tehran in Argo. Gordon-Levitt is an assassin in Looper, with Willis playing his character's future self. And Craig suits up as James Bond once again in Skyfall.

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Besides the testosterone parade, there's also an inspirational film, a romantic comedy, a scare flick, and an animated movie to catch this month.

If you need a laugh, Wahlberg can help you with that through Ted, a story about a guy and his best friend--who just happens to be a talking teddy bear. If you're longing for a lighthearted treat, be inspired by Salmon Fishing in Yemen, a romance starring McGregor and Emily Blunt that illustrates how people’s faith and passion can make anything possible. Ring in Halloween with the Hawke-starring scare-fest Sinister, about a crime novelist who investigates a murder that happened in his own home some time ago. Creepy thrillers freak you out? Celebrate Halloween month kid-style by watching Tim Burton's newest animated film Frankenweenie, a story about a boy and the dead pet dog he brought back to life.

Launch the gallery to see the cinematic offerings in store for you this October!

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