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9 Times Arci Muñoz Slayed In 'Always Be My Maybe'

Don't you just LOVE her?
PHOTO: Always Be My Maybe/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

It’s safe to say that this month’s Cosmo cover girl, Arci Muñoz, got her big movie break with the rom-com Always Be My Maybe, which premiered in February 2015.

Although she has been in the showbiz scene since her days as a StarStruck ingénue, it was the lighthearted flick that finally put the vampy actress on everyone’s pop culture radar.

Oh, you *still* haven't seen this movie yet? You might wanna buy the DVD, stat!

The film, helmed by king of heartbreaks director Dan Villegas, tells the story of Tintin Paraiso (Arci), a happy-go-lucky makeup artist who always finds herself on the wrong side of romance (read: lagi na lang umaasa sa wala). When she meets rugged playboy Jake del Mundo (Gerald Anderson), things heat up between the two of them, and Tintin must confront the fact that for her, Jake is more than just a friend with benefits. Although Tintin may be your typical sawi sa pa-ibig heroine, Arci imbues the role with enough charm and magnetism to deliver a character audience can root for.

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Here are 9 other times she slayyyed in Always Be My Maybe. 

1. When she made beachside lounging look sexy AF! Girl gave us major bikini-bod goals. And that red cover-up she sported was just TDF!

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2. When she gave Jake del Mundo a run for his money in a game of “Never Have I Ever.” Although they’re probably downing shots of water, girl knows how to carry her (fake) liquor.

3. When she posted makeup tutorials using her ugly-cry face. Even if she’s sobbing while vlogging, she’s still super cute. Life’s not fair!

4. That moment when she made the expression “Char!” so adorable. Note: In real life, saying “char” doesn’t always sound as adorable as when Arci does it.

5. How about that funny scene where she ditches a bad date by using a fake emergency? Wag mag malinis! You’ve all done it!

6. When Jake exposes her intricate back tattoo while taking her photos. Inked girls FTW!

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7. Or when she finally got totally nekkid for the rest of their private photo shoot. Wow! For someone who works behind the scenes, Tintin sure knows how to steam up a camera lens.

8. That morning after when she rocked the boyfriend white polo look. Anyone who can pull off menswear is hot, AMIRIGHT?

9. Finally, when Arci shows her vulnerability. It is portrayed at its best when her character finally realizes that Jake is the man she loves and she must do everything in her power to let him know.