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Classic '90s Celebrity Barkadas We All Wished We Were Part Of

Which one were you a big fan of?
PHOTO: (Left) INSTAGRAM/janusdelprado, (Right) INSTAGRAM/pinaypole

We all have that fave teen show that made us relate AF because it talked about relationships, school, and typical teenage problems. These *youth* shows are where artistas started their careers, where love teams were formed, and where iconic barkadas were made!

Here, we listed down five celeb groups from '90s teen shows that we all wanted to be part of at one point: 

1. TGIS: Thank God It's Sabado (1995-1999) 

The barkadaAngelu De LeonBobby AndrewsCiara Sotto, Raven VillanuevaOnemig BondocRed SternbergMichael Flores, and more. This youth-oriented show even had a movie! 

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2. Gimik (1996-1999) 

The barkada: Judy Ann Santos, Rico Yan, Jolina Magdangal, Diether Ocampo, Marvin Agustin, Patrick Garcia, Mylene Dizon, Kaye Abad, and more. This show talked about unwanted pregnancy, sibling rivalry, broken families, romantic relationships, and student life.

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3. G-mik (1999-2002) 

The barkadaThis youth-oriented show was inspired by Gimik and featured a brand new set of teens, including John PratsCamille Prats, Angelica Panganiban, Carlo AquinoHeart Evangelista, Stefano MoriMiko Samson, Janus Del Prado, and more.

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4. Click (1999-2004)

The barkadaClick ran for five whole years with different ~cycles~ of faces for every batch. These included Chynna OrtalezaAlessandra De RossiAntoinette Taus, Cogie Domingo, Danilo Barrios, and Biboy Ramirez. The show also starred Angel Locsin, Richard GutierrezIya Villania, and Drew Arellano!

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5. Tabing Ilog (1999-2003) 

The barkada: iWant describes the show's plot as "Eight teenagers struggling to find themselves and their true purpose. All things lead and build up to form friendship and love which will transform them for the rest of their lives." It stars Paula PeralejoJohn Lloyd Cruz, Patrick Garcia, Jodi Sta. Maria, Paolo Contis, Desiree del Valle, Baron Geisler, and Kaye Abad. 

Tabing Ilog is often compared with US TV series Dawson's Creek, because both shows focus on a group of friends who would often hang out by a river/creek to talk about their ~struggles~. 

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