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March 8, 2013: Google+ Kicks Off A-Pop Star Week

Starting March 8, Google is kicking off A-Pop Star Week, a whole week of Google+ Hangouts with the biggest stars in Korean pop (K-Pop), Japanese pop (J-Pop), and Chinese pop (C-Pop).

Asian Pop (A-Pop) fans everywhere will have the opportunity to interact directly with their favorite stars starting March 8 using the Google+ platform, as well as on the newly-launched YouTube A-Pop Channel, a hub for music videos and live-streaming concerts from Asian artists.

Here is the lineup of artists who will be hanging out with fans on Google+:

March 8: Shinee (K-Pop) #apopshinee
March 9: 王力宏 Wang Lee Hom (C-Pop) #apopleehom
March 10: Super Junior (K-Pop) #apopsuperjunior
March 11: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (J-Pop) #apopkyary
March 12: flumpool (J-Pop) #apopflumpool
March 13: 2PM (K-Pop) #apop2pm
March 14: 五月天 Mayday (C-Pop) #apopmayday

Follow these Google+ Pages for more information on these Hangouts:

J-Pop (in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English):

C-Pop (in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English):

K-Pop (in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, and English):

You can also tune in to the live Hangouts from the YouTube A-Pop Channel—a hub for hosting live performances and the Top 20 videos from Asian pop artists.

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