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Adele Wants To Find All Her Impersonators

She's obsessed!

Adele has made it her mission to track down all of her professional impersonators after coming face-to-face with one group of singers while taking part in a recent TV prank.

The soul singer went undercover for a sketch on a U.K. TV special Adele at the BBC, donning a prosthetic nose, fake chin and a wig to disguise herself as a singer called Jenny, and joining a line-up of Adele impersonators as they auditioned for a fake TV show at a London theater.

The singer opened up that she had a blast joking around at the auditions with TV personality Graham Norton, but admits the prank proved to be a little surreal and incredibly emotional for her when she revealed she was the real Adele to the wannabes.

"It was amazing," she gushes on Today. "They'd asked me to judge it and I was like, 'No, no, no, I wanna be in it... I want to be an impersonator.' It was amazing.

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"Nothing quite prepared me for walking towards, like, 10 other girls dressed up as me, that was pretty overwhelming, but the whole thing was funny, but also really, really beautiful, and I cried a lot at the end once I revealed myself."

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Now Adele has had a taste of what some impersonators do during their act, she is eager to check out more—particularly one male performer in Los Angeles.

"There's a drag queen in L.A. that I really wanna see; he looks amazing, he does a really good job," she smiles. "But now that I've done that it's, like, opened a whole new world for me; I wanna find all of them!"