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Georgina Wilson Says 'Adobo Boy' Archie Is Also A HUGE Sinigang Fan

She shares more deets about her growing fam!

As a mom, Georgina Wilson is very hands-on and makes sure she witnesses each stage of her kids' development. Georgina and her husband, British businessman Arthur Burnand, have two boys, Archie and Alfie. Her eldest child Archie is now in his "magic years," a stage when he actively discovers and learns new things.

The celebrity mom tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview via e-mail, "I've enjoyed every stage of Archie. Now he constantly asks for stories and his imagination is incredible."

Archie turned three years old in December 2019. Meanwhile, Alfie will celebrate his first birthday this June 2020.

Georgina has been teaching her children how to speak both English and Filipino. In fact, Archie's first language is Filipino, and he has improved a lot. His father has also been learning the language with him.

Georgina says, "Yes! Archie's first language is Tagalog. He speaks a lot of Taglish, too, which helps his dad learn Tagalog!"

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Aside from learning from Georgina, Archie studies Tagalog using flashcards with his nannies. She says, "He learns things conversationally, but the flashcards from @buksanph have really helped him."

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Georgina previously mentioned that she would love for Archie to learn four languages: English, Filipino, Mandarin, and Spanish. 

Georgina, however, says Archie is yet to receive proper lessons in Mandarin and Spanish. She says, "My mom speaks to him in Spanish, but it hasn't caught on just yet. He knows how to count in Mandarin, but Arthur needs to give him proper lessons. Arthur can read, write, and speak in Mandarin which forever amazes me."

More than anything, Georgina is just proud that Archie is already showing his intelligence at a young age.

Kanino kaya nagmana?

Georgina quips, "Of course his mom!! JK!"

On a serious note, she continues, "He is so amazinghe is so intelligent, independent, and curious, and has been since he was a baby! Such a gift from heaven."

Aside from being a blonde and blue-eyed boy speaking Tagalog, Archie earned the moniker "Adobo Boy" after videos of him asking for Adobo went viral on social media and amused thousands of netizens.

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But aside from adobo, Georgina reveals, "Archie LOVES Sinigang while Alfie loves Tinola."

Dealing with children who are fussy eaters can be stressful and frustrating, but Georgina has managed to influence her children's food preferences at an early age.

She says, "I don't allow picky eatersadults and children included."

Georgina and Arthur have set up Instagram accounts for Archie and Alfie, where some of their most adorable moments are shown. In one of the videos, Archie is seen teaching his younger brother some Tagalog words.

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Based on their photos, he seems to enjoy being with his younger brother.

How's Archie as a kuya?

Georgina replies, "He loves being a kuya and he goes to wake up his baby brother every morning at 6 a.m. haha!"

How does she keep them entertained while they're at home because of the enhanced community quarantine?

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Georgina says, "We try and limit the TV. Archie also isn't allowed to look at any of our phones or tablets. Sticking to a daily schedule helps!"