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Ahn Bo Hyun Clarifies His *Rumored Rift* With Park Seo Joon On 'Itaewon Class'

Wait, what?!
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In the top-rating K-drama Itaewon Class, Ahn Bo Hyun played the vile chaebol heir of Jangga Co. and arch-nemesis of Park Seo Joon's Park Saeroyi. But rumor has it that the two actors had some ~drama~ IRL, too. (via Soompi)

In his recent appearance on Men On A Mission/Knowing Brothers, the hosts brought up an alleged incident that involved their Itaewon Class director not giving Bo Hyun and Seo Joon ~equal opportunities~ to film on the same shoot day, which "rubbed Bo Hyun the wrong way."

Bo Hyun, though, shut down any speculation of a rift between him and his co-star, saying, "This is my first time hearing this. On the contrary, I'm the same age as Seo Joon, and we're really good friends."

He did elaborate on the incident and confirmed that their director worked with Seo Joon more than him during filmingbut it wasn't as dramatic as it was made out to be. "When I was acting as the villain [of the story], I felt like I hadn't shot enough takes, but the director immediately gave me the OK [and moved on]. I felt like I'd been lacking and wanted to try filming the scene one more time, but he said, 'Okay, next scene!' When the director filmed Seo Joon, though, he spent a lot of time filming the same scene over and over. So I playfully told him, 'You filmed Seo Joon for so much longer than me.' But I said it jokingly, in front of Seo Joon," Bo Hyun said.

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All's so well between the two that Bo Hyun even said that they're actually neighbors and hang out with each other all the time. Aww! "We're really close. He lives across the street from me. We even met up a week ago. We've all been hanging out even after the drama ended."

For more of their ~bromance~, check out Bo Hyun's Instas of them together:

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You can watch episode 232 of Men On A Mission/Knowing Brothers on Viu for the full interview.


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