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These Are the Artists Who *Never* Dropped Albums In 2019

Yes, I'm @ing you Lady Gaga!

Sure, 2019 was pretty good for music. We were spoiled with albums from tons of amazing artists, like Lizzo, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. But, because I occasionally have a tendency to be a glass half empty kinda girl (someone's gotta do it!), I can't help but notice that 2019 is also the year that we waited and waited for our favs to drop new albums...and never got any. Here are a few artists I'd like to have a word with.

Lady Gaga 

As much as I've enjoyed listening to "Shallow" on repeat for the past year, it's time for new Gaga songs, mmkay? I know she gave us Haus Labs, but I can't pregame to that so...I'm going to need more.

Last album: Joanne, 2016

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Adele really went through a divorce this year, then posted memes about being in her feelings and "remember who the f*ck" she is...and we still haven't heard the album! This is the tease of all teases!

Last album: 25, 2015


At this point, Rihanna will do anything besides give us an album. I'm not even being dramatic. I made a whole entire list of all of the things she's done, from dabbling in footwear to playing a hot alien in Valerian. Although the Savage x Fenty was a nice little spot of rain in this Rihanna drought, we are long overdue for some new tunes.

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Last album: Anti, 2016

Justin Bieber

You know who else keeps dropping merch instead of bangers? Justin Drew Bieber. He's given us a few collaborations to get through the year, but TBH, I'd rather he just quit vaguely teasing "2020" and give us the goods.

Last album: Purpose, 2015

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Okay, fine. I'll cut Lorde some slack. In November, she explained that she's pushing back her album a bit because she's been having a hard time since her dog, Pearl, died. But she has still earned a spot on this list, because I'm willing to bet that most of us still had half of Melodrama on our Spotify Wrapped playlists.

Last album: Melodrama, 2017

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Kendrick Lamar

Raise your hand if you're tired of opening up Twitter every day to find a new theory about when Kendrick's next album might come out, instead of waking up to a surprise drop in the middle of the night. Glad to see that's literally all of us!

Last album: DAMN., 2017

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