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'Kita Kita' Is Leaving Netflix—It's Time To Binge-Watch Alessandra De Rossi's Hugot Films

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PHOTO: Viva Films/Kita Kita

Alessandra de Rossi may be excellent at making us laugh on Twitter and Instagram, but holy heck does she know how to bring on the waterworks with her films. And on Netflix, we have access to a trio of some of the most feels-filled titles: Her directorial debut My Amanda, the incredibly painful Through Night And Day, and the one that started it all, indie hit Kita Kita. Well, looks like we have another reason to cry because Kita Kita is soon leaving the platform!

Kita Kita leaves Netflix Philippines in November

The last day to watch the 2017 indie hit on Netflix is on November 15. Although, Netflix noted in a statement that these things may change in a flash, similar to the ending of Kita Kita (If you know, you know!). So while we have an inkling of hope, we say it's best to get bingeing while you can.

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As a refresher, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo's Kita Kita took the whole boy-meets-girl-and-they-lived-happily-ever-after storyline and gave us something we hadn't really seen before in Philippine cinema. Set in Sapporo, it follows the unlikely romance between the blind Lea (Alessandra) and her next-door neighbor Tonyo (Empoy Marquez).

The poignant story hit so hard the effects were felt abroad, spawning an Indonesian remake. So if you haven't already watched this movie, then best mark your calendars!

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