Alex Gonzaga Gets Called Out By Netizen For Insensitive Joke About Drug Users

'O, ano? Mag-ihi tayo, drug test tayo.'
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Alex Gonzaga drew flak on Twitter after netizen @jerichorayel called out the actress-vlogger for her "insensitive" actions in her recent vlog entry.

The netizen posted a snippet of her vlog to point out how Alex cracked some jokes around a group of guys.

In the video, she said, "Anong pinagbubulungan natin? O, ano? Mag-ihi tayo, drug test tayo."

These sound bites were paired with comedic sound effects.

Alex then defused the situation with her dab dance and immediately retreated from the situation saying, "Galit na siya sa akin, parang papatayin na niya ako."

Off-camera, she added, "Joke lang, o. Ito naman, o."

@jerichorayel pointed out in his tweet that Alex was "so insensitive on so many levels especially now that the government is out there killing people tagged as drug users."

He also underlined, "Second, hindi siya funny. Hindi nakakatawang pagbintangan kang adik."

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This tweet seemed to have reached Alex on Twitter, prompting the ABS-CBN star to issue an apology.

Tagging @jerichorayel, she said, "To some people who find my humor annoying and [insensitive], sorry. "How I wish you may never see or click any of my videos again. Lalo na sayo @jerichorayel kasi sobra na galit mo at tinag mo pa ko. Pero sa mga natutuwa, tuloy tayo!!!"

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IMAGE: Twitter

This tweet was later deleted by Alex after she and the netizen sorted things out through direct messaging on Twitter.

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This wasn't the first time Alex drew flak for her actions.

Earlier this year, a short video clip of Pia Wurtzbach's December 2017 guesting on ASAP Chill Out made rounds online after Alex was caught touching the upper part of the beauty queen's chest.

In an interview with in February 2018, Alex defended herself by saying that it was only a joke.

She said, "Actually, nagtawanan nga kami after [ni Pia.] Hindi ko alam kung na-offend siya."

Alex acknowledged that her humor was not for everyone.


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