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Alexa Ilacad Would Like To Be *Excluded* From Nash Aguas + Mika Dela Cruz's Relationship

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Alexa Ilacad is going the Taylor Swift route and would like to *kindly* exclude herself from the narrative that is Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz's relationship. The 19-year-old Kapamilya star recently made headlines when her interview with went viral. During the interview, Alexa opened up about her feelings after seeing her ex ka-MU (FYI, that means Mutual Understanding, what millennials used to call people they were sort of dating but not really!) Nash post a comment about his current girlfriend Mika. "13 years and I still love you," wrote Nash.

According to, Alexa said, "Doon ako na parang...e, sa loob ng 13 years na 'yon, parang naano lang ako na...Okay lang, ayoko nang ma-hurt, kasi it's not my place anymore. But I will be lying if I'll say, hindi ako napaisip. Parang, may karapatan ba akong magalit? Kasi, ang weird, e, nandoon ako."

This week, The Killer Bride star went on Tonight With Boy Abunda and set the record straight about her reaction to Nash's comment. She revealed that she always knew that Nash and his childhood sweetheart Mika had a special connection ever since they starred in the kid's gag show Goin' Bulilit. Alexa said she questioned Nash's "13 years" statement for Mika, but quickly decided to move on from her ~feels~.


ICYDK, Alexa and Nash had a ~thing~ for four to five years, were never #official, but indeed loved each other. They broke up in 2018.

Referring to her previous interview, Alexa said to host Boy Abunda, "They were asking me something if I'm okay na si Nash and Mika na. And I said, 'I'm okay ganyan ganyan ganyan.' Tapos may nabanggit ako na because I saw this post and I saw Nash's comments saying to Mika na '13 years and I still love you.' So what I said was I was kind of shocked. Actually, no[I was] not really shocked 'cause, like I said, I knew in my heart na they never really lost connection, that there is a special place in Nash's heart for Mika which I always knew. And it was okay. It was fine with me kasi [in] Goin' Bulilit they were together, puppy love, they were the first ones [to get together]. And then after that [we did the show] LUV U, saka na lang ako pumasok in the middle of that. And then napaisip ako—'yon, hindi na-shockpero napaisip ako when I read that '13 years thing' naKasi inside the 13 years, I was there. So when you say na '13 years and I still love you,' where was I? Maybe [in] that hour I cared. But I said to myself, 'Mmm, [it's] not worth your time. Move on.'"

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She stressed, however, that she meant no negativity towards Nash or Mika or for the issue to blow up at all! "But I didn't mean to say it with bad taste. I didn't mean for a commotion to happen. I didn't mean for it to pop the way it did."

She added, "There's history kumbaga and I will never and can never change that. So it's something that I respected. So when I said 'napaisip ako reading that [comment],' I didn't mean it to sound like sinisiraan ko siya or masama siya, or 'I'm so kawawa' and all that. I just said it as it was."

Alexa was then asked about her current status with Nash and Mika. Talking about Nash, she said, "We're okay. We're civil. We're very professional. We have enough respect [for] each other."

It was a different case, though, when she talked about Mika because the two haven't seen each other in years. "I haven't seen her in so long but I think there would be more tension with her than Nash. But I'm not mad or anything. I don't want to fightthat's the last thing [I want]."

Alexa then made ~the best~ comment about being so over talking about the issue: "Actually, I want to exclude myself from them, from their life. I want to cut it and leave it in the past."

In three, two, one…*MIC DROP*

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