Alexa Ilacad On 'Nanlalaki' Rumors: 'Where's the proof? Show me what you have against me'

'Where would the fans get the idea na nanlalaki ako? Someone fed it to them. And who was that someone? Nash.'

Alexa Ilacad was asked about her reaction to the trending topic about her, Nash Aguas, and Mika Dela Cruz during the media conference for her new movie Santigwar.

On the event that happened on October 24, Alexa said that she didn't want to talk about the issue before to avoid involving the names of other people. However, she said she has to speak up now to finally clear things up.

"Once and for all, to finish everything, I think I have to talk about it again, just to clear everything. I could have [spoken] up about it and what really happened, but I never did. I never wanted to because ayoko nang mang-drag ng names ng ibang tao or involve anyone else and it was a problem that just didn't mean anything to me," Alexa said.

She revealed that she was actually surprised to see herself trending on Twitter, but was even more surprised when she saw what it was about.

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She said, "When I saw I was trending, it was because his fans were bashing me, trying to spread rumors. [It's] the same rumors they've been spreading since, I think, 2017. Parang sinasabi nila na I have no right to talk about that '13 years thing' because ako naman daw ang 'nangloko.'  That's actually so funny to me kasi ang tagal na nilang sinasabi na nangloko raw ako, pero where's the proof? I dare them. Show me what you have against me. Hindi yung puro salita."

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Alexa said she is confident that they have no proof to show, as she doesn't even have a boyfriend. She also clarified that there was no third-party involved when she and Nash separated: "When we went our separate ways, there was no one else involved."

The Goin' Bulilit alumna expressed her hurt about the cheating rumors being spread about her.

"Where would the fans get the idea na nanlalaki ako? Someone fed it to them. And who was that someone? Nash. You said you loved me. Would you do that to someone you love? Would you throw them under the bus over something that isn’t even true?"

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