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Where You've Seen Alexa Ilacad Before 'The Killer Bride'

PHOTO: (ARCHIVE PHOTO) Goin' Bulilit/ABS-CBN Entertainment, (INSET) Instagram/alexailacad

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's shocked whenever Alexa Ilacad's character Luna Dela Cuesta talks back at her parents AND her lola. She's also kind of a bitch to her friends and is super jealous of Emma (Janella Salvador) because her first love Elias (Joshua Garcia) is always defending her. TBH, we can't totally hate Luna because she's right when she says that Emma's ~scamming~ everyone.  

Of course, Alexa wasn't always Luna! Here, we compiled a list of her previous projects, from 2004 to 2018:  

A Shampoo Commercial (2004)

A super cute Alexa appeared in a Vaseline shampoo commercial when she was only four years old. So adorable!

Goin' Bulilit (2008 to 2013) 

Like Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, Alexa also started as a child actress in the popular kiddie gag show! Alexa officially "graduated" from the show in 2013. 

Maria Mercedes (2013) 

Alexa played the younger version of Jessy Mendiola as Maria Mercedes! The teleserye, based on a Mexican TV series of the same title, tells the story of a probinsyana girl who moves to the city and is left to take care of her two siblings all by herself.


Luv U (2013) 

In this teen-oriented comedy series, Alexa played the role of "little miss perfect" Lexie and was paired with Nash Aguas, who played bad boy on campus Benj! 

Bagito (2014 to 2015) 

Camille (Alexa) is in high school and has had a crush on her childhood friend Andrew (Nash Aguas) since they were kids. But things get super complicated when Andrew suddenly becomes a dad at only 14 years old.  

The Good Son (2017 to 2018) 

In this murder mystery series, Alexa plays the role of Justine, a good friend of Calvin (Nash Aguas) who serves as his shoulder to cry on when his father dies of poisoning. A murder investigation ensues and everyone is a suspect. However, later in the series, it's revealed that "Justine" is actually an IMAGINARY FRIEND that Calvin created during a schizophrenic state! Calvin's older brother Enzo (Jerome Ponce) is desperate to find an alibi for his brother, so when he finds out that there's an actual Justine (a model struggling with money), he pays her to pretend to be Calvin's friend. 

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