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12 *Heart-Stopping* Scenes In 'All Of Us Are Dead' That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

12 Of The Most Unforgettable Scenes From 'All Of Us Are Dead'
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Everyone’s going crazy about the latest Netflix hit, All Of Us Are Dead! If you loved Train To Busan, you're in for one gut-wrenching treat with this new zombie outbreak-themed Korean series. High school students fight for their lives as they find a way to escape the infected zombies in their school while battling their own thoughts and reconciling their differences. Add in breathtaking twists and turns and we guarantee you won't want to miss a single scene (except maybe when you close your eyes after a gory scene).

If you hate spoilers, make sure you have finished watching the series because we have gathered 12 of the most heart-stopping scenes that we think are some of the highlights of the show!

The most unforgettable All Of Us Are Dead scenes

Episode one: A seemingly harmless bite is where it all started and Hyosan High School becomes ground zero.

Hyeon Ju hears weird noises in the science lab and decides to check it out. She finds a lab rat (or is it a hamster?) and tries to play with it by inserting her finger in one of the cage's holes. The rat suddenly becomes violent and bites her. Science teacher Lee Byeong Chan comes in at that moment. Knowing she wasn't supposed to be there, Hyeon Ju stands up, tells him it bit her, and went out of the room. After a few steps, the door opens and Hyeon Ju gets pulled back in as we hear loud thuds inside.

All Of Us Are Dead best scenes
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Episode two: All hell breaks loose in the cafeteria. One by one, the bitten students are turning into rabid zombies.

Nam On Jo and Lee Cheong San gets stuck in the middle of chaos in the cafeteria as zombies run inside in droves. The infected keep attacking the confused students as we hear the sounds of plates shattering and people screaming. Even the kitchen gets disrupted and a small fire starts that sets off the fire alarm and sprinkles water all over the cafeteria, making it harder for the students to escape. Cheong San tries to protect On Jo as they scramble towards the window which could be their only means of escape.

All Of Us Are Dead best scenes
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Episode three: Conflict ensues between Lee Na Yeon and Han Gyeong Su leading to a heartbreaking loss. Choi Nam Ra steps up and reveals what Lee Na Yeon has done.

After a close encounter with a zombie, Na Yeon accuses Gyeong Su of getting bitten. Emotions are high as they argue with each other prompting their homeroom teacher, Park Sung Hwa, to step in and make a compromise. Gyeong Su would stay in the recording room for some time and if he doesn’t turn into a zombie, Na Yeon must apologize to him. After 30 minutes, Na Yeon enters the room with a seemingly changed character. She’s concerned about Gyeong Su’s wound and grabs his hand to wipe the blood with her handkerchief. She then insults him, and they started arguing again. Gyeong Su begins to show signs of getting infected. As the other students struggle with their fond feelings toward their friend, Gyeong Su volunteers to go out of the room himself but ends up attacking the students. In the end, Cheong San had to do what he had to do and tricks zombie Gyeong Su to jump out the window. This is probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes of this series.

All Of Us Are Dead best scenes
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But the conflict didn’t end here. Class president, Nam Ra, speaks up and confronts Na Yeon. Watch the rest of the scene here:

Justice for Gyeong-su! | All of Us Are Dead | Netflix Philippines

Episode four: Bullied student, Min Eun Ji, risks her life to stop a video of her from leaking and getting posted online.

Despite being safe from zombies while hiding on the rooftop, Eun Ji becomes desperate when fellow bullied student, Kim Cheol Soo, tells her that Yoon Gwi Nam scheduled a social media upload of her video later that morning. She makes the decision to risk her life to destroy the phone before the video gets uploaded. Eun Ji gets bitten by zombies in the process but for some unknown reason, she remains able to think as she continues to smash all the phones in the teachers' room.

Episode five: Cheong San and Gwi Nam fight for their lives (and each other) in the library.

After Cheong San films a video of Gwi Nam killing the principal, Gwi Nam chases Cheong San and they end up fighting in the library while trying to avoid getting attacked by zombies. It’s a ruthless fight as neither of them wants to surrender. Gwi Nam strangles Cheong San, and the latter ends up hitting the former on the eye with the phone he used to film the video causing Gwi Nam to fall down the bookshelf into the middle of a swarm of zombies.

Episode six: Lee Su Hyeok defends Nam Ra from the other students, but she becomes tempted to bite him.

After saving Su Hyeok with now half-human, half-zombie Gwi Nam which gave him greater strength, Nam Ra gets bitten by Gwi Nam but doesn’t immediately turn into a zombie. The students debated among themselves on what to do and Su Hyeok stood by Nam Ra’s side, reassuring the others that he will be responsible for Nam Ra if she turns into a zombie. After a while, Nam Ra feels weird and hungry as she looks at Su Hyeok and tries to resist the urge to bite him.

All Of Us Are Dead best scenes
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Episode seven: Su Hyeok confesses his feelings to Nam Ra. Nam Ra kisses him.

In a more lighthearted scene that’s a welcome relief from all the blood and violence, Su Hyeok and Nam Ra are left on one side of the room since the other students are wary of Nam Ra. She tells him that it was his voice calling her name that woke her up out of her trance. Su Hyeok confesses his feelings to Nam Ra, saying he was afraid to call her by her name because she might find out he likes her. She picks up the video recorder and films herself saying she likes Su Hyeok, too. He stares at her in disbelief as she leans in for a sweet kiss. Afterward, Su Hyeok breaks into a small smile and holds Nam Ra’s hand.

All Of Us Are Dead kissing scene
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Episode eight: The students reach the rooftop and while waiting for rescue, they share their thoughts with each other. Cheong San finally admits he likes On Jo in front of everyone.

After successfully going up to the rooftop, the students have renewed hope of getting rescued. That night, they sit around a fire sharing their feelings and their personal stories with one another. When it’s Cheong San’s turn, he hesitates. And after some prodding, he relents and admits he likes On Jo, his best friend since they were kids. Shocked, On Jo walks away to think by herself, and with some silent encouragement from Su Hyeok, Cheong San approaches her, and they talk. Meanwhile, Gwi Nam is slowly climbing up to the rooftop, suddenly appearing nearby where On Jo was sitting.

Episode nine: Cheong San discovers his mother turned into a zombie.

Trying to find another way to escape, the group decided to take their chances on the school grounds during a storm when the zombies’ senses are dulled. While figuring their way from behind a pick-up truck, Cheong San stops dead in his tracks. He sees his mom in front of him smiling and calling out his name. But that illusion faded to reality. It dawned on Cheong San that his mother has turned into a zombie.

Episode 10: Because their plan to go out of the gym was failing, Oh Joon Young sacrificed himself for his friends.

With both groups of students trapped in the gym stockroom, they have decided to come up with a plan to get out using the equipment they found inside. At first, it seems like they would make it, but more and more zombies are coming to attack them and pushing them back, even climbing up the barricade they have built. Joon Young gets bitten on his hand and remembers his promise to take responsibility if things went wrong. He jumps out of the barricade and pushes the zombies out of the way, encouraging his friends to keep pushing and telling them to go home. The others can’t hold back their tears as they lost another one from their group.

Episode 11: The military bombs some places in Hyosan including Hyosan High School

With Hyosan under martial law, the military, despite knowing that there might be survivors, has decided that they have no choice but to bomb the areas infested with zombies to keep them from further spreading out to other nearby areas. Under Jin Seon Mu’s command, they lured the zombies to each of the key places before firing the bombs. Cheong San, who was in the middle of fighting with Gwi Nam, couldn’t escape.


Episode 12: After getting rescued, On Jo, Su Hyeok, and the rest of the surviving students seek out Nam Ra who separated from them.

After going back to the school’s rooftop, the students find Nam Ra and try to convince her to go with them. Nam Ra is not convinced and tells them that they will always be friends no matter where they are. She also reveals that there are more like her – half-zombies and half-human. Nam Ra hears some of them coming and jumps off the school’s rooftop to everyone’s surprise. Is this a hint about season two?

There you have it! Did reliving these highlights give you goosebumps like the first time you watched each scene? Which one is your favorite? Is there any scene that you think should be on this list? Share your thoughts with us because the All Of Us Are Dead fever will not be forgotten anytime soon!

You can watch all 12 episodes of All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix.


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