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All The Familiar Faces In 'All Of Us Are Dead' And Where You've Seen Them Before

Lee Yoo Mi made our blood boil with her role!
LIST: All Of Us Are Dead Cast Members And Which K-Dramas You've Seen Them Before

In just a day after its release, All Of Us Are Dead has already climbed the number one spot on Netflix's Top 10 in the Philippines! It has also trended on social media. This only means that a lot of webtoon (ICYDK, it's adapted from the digital comics of the same name) and K-drama fans have been waiting for this—us included! Each episode had us on the edge of our seats and at the same time, we kept wondering where we saw the actors in other dramas. The casting team really said, "Let's put all the familiar K-drama faces in one show and call it a masterpiece." LOL! Ready to know who they are and which shows they've appeared in? 

1. Park Ji Hu as Nam On Jo

Did anyone say top-tier survival skills? On Jo has that thanks to her dad who's a firefighter! She may not excel in exams but rest assured that you can count on her when there's a zombie outbreak. On Jo helped the group not only in surviving but also in realizing what's important in the most extreme situations.

Park Ji Hu in All Of Us Are Dead

Did you know that Park Ji Hu was a high school student—similar to her character—when she filmed All Of Us Are Dead? At a young age, she has already shown that she's born to be a star! Prior to the zombie drama, Ji Hu appeared in a number of films like House Of Hummingbird and The Witness, and the K-dramas Beautiful World and Sweet Revenge 2. What's next for her, you ask? The tvN series Little Women starring Kim Go EunNam Ji Hyun, and Wi Ha Joon!

Park Ji Hu
YouTube/MBC Entertainment

2. Yoon Chan Young as Lee Cheong San

Cheong San is On Jo's childhood friend and neighbor who secretly has feelings for her. Apart from On Jo, he also has a barkada in school whom he's loyal to (IYKYK. *winks*). Cheong San's mom owns a chicken restaurant named after him and although he's a bit embarrassed about it, he loves her very much.

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Yoon Chan Young in All Of Us Are Dead

Yoon Chan Young is only 20 years old but he already has 19 K-dramas and eight movies under his belt! This includes Dr. Romantic (where he played the younger version of Yoo Yeon Seok) and Doctor John (as high school student Lee Gi Seok). He was cast in the rom-com drama Still 17, too!

(Gore) He Can't Feel Pain | Doctor John EP10 [ENG SUBS]

3. Cho Yi Hyun as Choi Nam Ra

Nam Ra is not only a top student in Hyosan High School but is also the class president (they all call her Pres). She may be cold and distant in the first few episodes (you will often see her studying with her earphones on) but we've witnessed her genuine concern for others later on in the show. 

Cho Yi Hyun in All Of Us Are Dead
Courtesy of Netflix

We still can't get over Cho Yi Hyun's ~transformation~ from the bubbly intern in Hospital Playlist to the badass class president in All Of Us Are Dead! If you can remember, she plays Jang Yun Bok in the medical drama who has a twin brother named Jang Hong Do. Yi Hyun was also cast in School 2021 (her first project where she's the lead actress!) as Park Ye Rin and like Yun Bok, she also has a sunny personality. Other Yi Hyun dramas that you should watch: Sweet Revenge, Bad Papa, and How To Buy A Friend.

Yunbok and Hongdo trying to survive in Yulje for 3 min 9 sec | Hospital Playlist

4. Park Solomon as Lee Su Hyeok

Su Hyeok is often called Baresu by his friends because he doesn't like wearing socks, LOL! He's a fearless athlete who's up for anything, that's why he didn't think twice when they're about to *confront* the zombies. This guy is always ready to throw a punch and save his friends! Su Hyeok has feelings for Nam Ra but he's shy to admit this since they're quite the opposite in class.

Park Solomon in All Of Us Are Dead

Welcome back to the small screen, Park Solomon! The last time we've seen him is in the 2017 drama Sweet Revenge where Cho Yi Hyun was also a cast member. Solomon, or Lomon, also appeared in LookoutShopping King Louis, and Doctors.

[The Guardians] ep.29,30Park Solomon, Lee Ji-won of the bag.20170710

5. Yoo In Soo as Yoon Gwi Nam

A notorious bully in Hyosan High School, Gwi Nam is the last person you'd trust during a zombie outbreak. Whether you're close to him or not, you can be never too sure of his intentions! But behind his evil exterior, Gwi Nam is just an errand boy of the school's *main* bullies.

Yoo In Soo in All Of Us Are Dead

This is not the first time we've seen Yoo In Soo as a bad guy in a K-drama! Although he mostly gets *evil* roles, we can't deny that he's so good at portraying them. In Soo has starred in a long list of popular series including Love Alarm, Moments At Eighteen, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.


6. Lee Yoo Mi as Lee Na Yeon

Another All Of Us Are Dead character who gave us a headache and made our blood boil is Na Yeon. She's a well-off student who's selfish, fussy, and judgemental, that's why she's disliked in class. Her words are not only like knives—her actions are as vile, too.

Lee Yoo Mi in All Of Us Are Dead

After making us cry in Squid Game as Player 240, Lee Yoo Mi played with our ~feelings~ when she turned into a totally different character in All Of Us Are Dead! This only means that she's an amazing actress who can nail any role. If you want to see more of her versatility, go watch 365: Repeat The YearDoctor John, and Hwayi: A Monster Boy.

Ji-yeong?Sae-byeok|Squid Game [Hurts Like Hell]

7. Son Sang Yeon as Jang Woo Jin

Don't mind the fact that he doesn't want to volunteer as a leader—Woo Jin is still someone we'd like to be a part of our team since he gets along with everyone. He's pretty good at fighting zombies, too!

Son Sang Yeon in All Of Us Are Dead
Youtube/netflix korea

Hello, Bang! Son Sang Yeon's most recent K-drama is the coming-of-age sports series, Racket Boys. Here, he plays the selfie-loving badminton club captain Bang Yoon Dam. Fun fact: His friends call him Bang in the drama because his parents sell bread, which translates to bbang in Korean! Apart from Racket Boys, Sang Yeon was also featured in Suspicious Partner, Two Cops, and Chicago Typewriter.

Racket Boys | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

8. Ahn Seung Gyun as Oh Joon Young

The genius who built the drone that helped them locate Cheong San, Joon Young is good at making things from scratch. In their batch, he ranks second next to Nam Ra.

Ahn Seung Gyun in All Of Us Are Dead
Youtube/netflix korea

Friendship goals: Ahn Seung Gyun is close with Hallyu superstar IU after filming My Mister and they would often support each other as seen on Instagram! He played Son Ki Bum, her only friend in the drama. Seung Gyun has also worked with Lee Yoo Mi in 365: Repeat The Year, and with Kim Seon Ho in Catch The Ghost.

Ahn Seung Gyun

9. Ham Sung Min as Han Gyeong Su

If we only have one friend left, we want it to be Gyeong Su simply because he's willing to do anything for his besties. He came from a poor family and he wants to work as a part-timer at the chicken restaurant owned by Cheong San's mom.

Ham Sung Min in All Of Us Are Dead
Youtube/netflix korea

Ham Sung Min has been acting since 2005 and with his looooong list of K-dramas and movies, we're pretty sure you've spotted him in some of your fave shows! The actor has starred in Sweet Home, Love Alarm, Tunnel, and Goblin to name a few.

Ham Sung Min

10. Jung Yi Seo as Kim Hyeon Ju

Remember the bully who got bitten by the lab rat and immediately became a zombie? Her name is Kim Hyeon Ju!

Jung Yi Seo in All Of Us Are Dead
YouTube/The Swoon

Booked and busy star Jung Yi Seo appeared in two K-dramas that aired at the same time, namely All Of Us Are Dead and Snowdrop! She was also in the chaebol drama Mine and the fantasy series Tale Of The Nine-Tailed.

11. Ha Seung Ri as Jang Ha RI

Cool and collected Ha Ri is the noona (older sister) of Woo Jin. She's a senior student who's an ace at archery. When she found out about the zombie outbreak, the first thing she did was to look for her younger brother.

Ha Seung Ri in All Of Us Are Dead
Youtube/netflix korea

Ha Seung Ri started as a child actress and we're happy to see her play various roles on the small screen! On Seung Ri's K-drama portfolio: The King: Eternal Monarch, School 2017The Producers, and Happy Ending.

School 2017 | [Making Film Ver.9 - Great chemistry Geumdo High Schoolers]

12. Lee Eun Saem as Park Mi Jin

Another senior student in the drama is Mi Jin. You'll remember her in the scene where she stayed in the comfort room during the outbreak until the archers came. She's talkative and would often engage in fights, but she's also good at finding weapons to kill the zombies.

Lee Eun Saem in All Of Us Are Dead

In the hit saeguk drama The Red Sleeve, Lee Eun Saem portrayed the character of Son Young Hee and donned a different hairstyle. Like some of her All Of Us Are Dead cast members, she also appeared in Sweet Revenge and Bad Papa.

Lee Eun Saem
The Red Sleeve/MBC

13. Kim Byung Chul as Lee Byeong Chan

Hyosan High School's science teacher is good at what he does but he struggles deep inside because of his son who's bullied in class.

Kim Byung Chul in All Of Us Are Dead

Sky Castle fans can recall actor Kim Byung Chul as the law school professor who needs to enroll in anger management classes! He's super strict with his children especially when it comes to their studies. In Sisyphus: The Myth, Byung Chul also annoyed the hell out of us.

14. Jeon Bae Soo as Nam So Ju

On Jo's doting appa is willing to sacrifice anything just for her. He's a dedicated firefighter who knows survival like the back of his hand.

Jeon Bae Soo in All Of Us Are Dead

Veteran actor Jeon Bae Soo has played the role of a father many, many times such as in the movie On Your Wedding Day and the K-drama Revolutionary Love. He was also in Mr. QueenThe King: Eternal Monarch, and When The Camellia Blooms.

Jeon Bae Soo
The King: Eternal Monarch/SBS

15. Lee Kyu Hyung as Song Jae Ik

As the first one who discovered the cause of the zombie outbreak, police detective Jae Ik's goal is to inform the higher-ups about it. In the process, he meets people from all walks of life including a vlogger (portrayed by Lee Si Hoon from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) and a child (played by Ahn Sae Bin from Racket Boys).

Lee Kyu Hyung in All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead/Netflix

Cameo king coming through! Lee Kyu Hyung is probably the familiar face in All Of Us Are Dead whom you can easily come up with a drama he has starred in. Our fave would be Prison Playbook where he was cast as Looney, a Seoul National University graduate who ended up in prison after taking illegal drugs. Kyu Hyung is one versatile star and he can be both a bida (Hi Bye, Mama!and kontrabida (Voice)! Prior to All Of Us Are Dead, he appeared in the other zombie drama, Happiness.

{funny MV} Lee Kyu Hyung - Prison Playbook/ Wise Prison Life

16. Bae Hae Sun as Park Eun Hee

When she went to Hyosan, assemblywoman Eun Hee got stranded. She's not used to this and so she demands special treatment for her and her staff members.

Park Eun Hee in All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead/Netflix

Actress Bae Hae Sun really went from Happiness to All Of Us Are Dead real quick! In the zombie drama which also stars Lee Kyu Hyung, she plays Oh Yeon Ok whom *everyone* detests. Bae Hae Sun is also known for her roles in Start-UpIt's Okay To Not Be Okay, and Hotel Del Luna.

Bae Ha Sun

17. Eom Hyo Seop as Hyosan High School's Principal

The principal only appeared in a few scenes in the drama but we'd like to conclude that he's the type who only thinks about himself when something bad happens. 

Eom Hyo Seop in All Of Us Are Dead
Youtube/netflix korea

Can you still remember actor Eom Hyo Seop in Start-Up? He was Won In Jae (Kang Han Na)'s stepdad who, like his character in All Of Us Are Dead, is pretty selfish!
You have also seen him in Jirisan, Youth Of May Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and Tale Of The Nine-Tailed.

Eom Hyo Seop

Before we end this article, we'd also like to mention that actor Yoon Kyung Ho from My Name (aka Ji Woo's father) and Yoon Byung Hee from Vincenzo (aka Mr. Nam) made a special appearance in All Of Us Are DeadGrabe, sobrang dami ng familiar faces!

Yoon Kyung Ho
My Name/Netflix
YouTube/tvN DRAMA

You can watch all 12 episodes of All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix.


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