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All The Songs You Need To Listen To This September!

New tunes from Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, and OMG JoJo!

“What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber

Perfect for: Getting some chill time at night 

Seen that month-long teaser campaign on J-Biebs’ Instagram where different celebs held up signs bearing the words “What do you mean?” All the teasing was worth it, because his latest single is a chill tropical house jam we’re totally digging. So what if the Biebs has revealed that the song’s actually about how “flip-floppy” girls are? We love it, and we ain’t flip-flopping on that one.

“Levels” by Nick Jonas

Perfect as: A quick pampagising

We’ve been waiting for the video to Nick Jonas’s funky, superbly catchy new single since he let a few steamy teasers loose on social media. Now that the official video’s out, we can fully imagine ourselves as one of those insanely hot dancers gyrating all over his body.

“Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld

Perfect for: Loving yourself—scratch that, making love to yourself

The Pitch Perfect 2 star—whom you might recognize as The Trinity in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” vid—is now a recording artist herself, and she marks her music debut with an uplifting pop track that’s both a female empowerment anthem and an ode to masturbation. (We’re not kidding. Girl even sports a bodysuit that reads “SELF SERVICE” in the video.)


“Whip It!” by Lunchmoney Lewis feat. Chloe Angelides

Perfect for: Shaking what your mama gave ya

The hip-hop up-and-comer behind the hit song “Bills” delivers another feel-good earworm. It’s kind of a naughty number (“I love when you’re movin’ slow / I love when you take it low / Real girls get down on the floor”) but you’d never know it from the rush of good vibes it brings.

“When Love Hurts” by JoJo

Perfect for: Your workout playlist

After what seems like forever, the diminutive diva is back with not one, but three singles released simultaneously—a tringle, as she adorably calls them—all available for streaming on her website. Get a good sweat going with “When Love Hurts,” the most upbeat track in the tringle. (LOVE THAT WORD.)

“Body on Me” by Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown

Perfect for: Ssssexy time

Rita and Chris join forces for this slow, steamy track with an even steamier music video that’s got the duo’s off-the-charts chemistry practically spilling out from the screen. Seriously, try watching that video and not feeling the heat.

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"Your Type" by Carly Rae Jepsen

Perfect for: Those banished to the friend zone :( 

In this new synth-pop gem off her latest album, E·MO·TION, Carly Rae takes the energy down a notch to wail about a guy she digs who, sadly, sees her as “just a friend.” Oh, the pain.

“High by the Beach” by Lana Del Rey

Perfect for: Ruminating on whether or not to dump your dude

This hazy, sun-soaked second single off upcoming album Honeymoon sees Lana Del Rey contemplating ditching a guy she doesn’t really care about and, uh, engaging in some recreational drug use instead.

“Let It All Go” by Birdy and Rhodes

Perfect for: Finally pulling the plug on a hopeless relationship

These young British singer-songwriters team up for a heartwrenching ballad that’s just the thing to convince you to end that dead-end relationship. “There’s still a fire in my heart, my darling / But I’m not burning for you.” Ouch.


“Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift

Perfect for: The romance that was never meant to last

The video for Tay-Tay’s “Wildest Dreams” is out, and it has our girl playing a retro movie star who shares screen time—and a short-lived romance—with hunky Scott Eastwood. “Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams,” Tay sighs in resignation. #NoRagrets

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