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All The Songs You Need To Listen To This September!

Ellie Goulding, Florence + the Machine, Kygo, and more of Britney’s slaying return!

“Do You Wanna Come Over?” by Britney Spears

Perfect for: Making the first move.

“I could get into that kissin’ and touchin’ / Or we could be good and do next to nothin’ / Do you wanna come over?” Brit suggests in her flirty new track off Glory.  Make this song your anthem for reeling in that hottie who just can’t get a clue. 

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“Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” by Dua Lipa

Perfect for: Knowing you’re awesome just the way you are—everyone who thinks otherwise can just suck it.

“If you don’t like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind?” the rising English pop sensation taunts in this catchy tune that will have you blowing air kisses as you sing along. Mwah!

“Higher” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Perfect for: An '80s dance party. 

A year after the release of 2015’s E·MO·TION, Carly Rae’s still not done dishing the pop goodness. She recently released the EP E·MO·TION Side B, which includes cuts that didn’t make it to the 2015 release. One of these is “Higher,” an '80s-channeling number about a love that takes you “higher than the rest.” 

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“Something Wrong” by Timeflies

Perfect for: Your boyfriend who never knows what he did wrong.

The singer-producer duo behind “Once in a While” returns with an EDM-polished earworm your boyf can totally relate to when you’re stewing over something he did. Again.

“Carry Me” by Kygo feat. Julia Michaels

Perfect as: A quick mood-lifter. 

The Norwegian DJ brings in his trademark tropical beats for this collab with the singer-songwriter best known for penning tracks for the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Nostalgic message aside, “Carry Me” is a shimmering, uplifting number, and a fitting end to the Rio Olympics closing ceremony where the duo performed the track live.

“Still Falling for You” by Ellie Goulding

Perfect for: Your long-term—yet no less lovey-dovey—relationship.

“No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do,” Ellie Goulding gushes in this soaring love song. It’s part of the Bridget Jones’s Baby soundtrack, so be sure to watch the vid to see scenes from the film and decide whether you’re #TeamDarcy or #TeamJack!

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“Gangsta” by Kehlani

Perfect for: An unhealthy love.

“I’m fucked up, I’m black and blue / I’m built for it, all the abuse,” the R&B songstress sings in this haunting number off the Suicide Squad OST. In the music video, clips of dysfunctional duo Harley Quinn and The Joker provide a chilling accompaniment to the song. 

“Too Much Is Never Enough” by Florence + The Machine

Perfect for: Those moments when you’re about to make an ~epic~ change in your life.

The English indie rock act contributes three tracks to the Final Fantasy XV video game, one of which is the flawlessly grandiose “Too Much Is Never Enough.” “In some ways the landscape of Final Fantasy and my own internal landscape seemed to fit quite well,” the eccentric, fire-haired Florence Welch says of her work for the video game. “It’s mythical and beautiful and epic.” We’re feeling it, Flo. 

“Whole Lot of Heart” by Ingrid Michaelson

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Perfect for: Rebuilding yourself after a personal tragedy.

From Ingrid’s latest album It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense—an album penned after her divorce and the death of her mother—comes this hopeful, self-affirming track about believing in your own capacity to love and rebuild.

“Never Got Away” by Cobie Caillat

Perfect for: The boy whom you hopelessly want to be your forever bae.

The lady behind the LSS-inducing “Bubbly” is set to release her new album The Malibu Sessions this October, and she gives us this track to whet our anticipation. “Say you'll stay, 'cause I ain’t got any more love left to waste,” Colbie pleads. Not as cheerful as “Bubbly,” but just as pretty.

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