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WATCH: How 'Dalaga' Brought Pinoy Hip-Hop Group ALLMO$T Together

Most groups get together first before they create music. You don’t often hear it happening the other way around. But with ALLMO$T, that’s exactly what happened. The members of the hip-hop group behind the phenomenal hit “Dalaga” all had their own things going until they decided that it made sense for them to form one group. 

In the latest episode of the OG series on OPM, we find out just how a song about extolling the virtues of the Filipino lady brought CrakkyJomClien, and Russell together; how they came up with their name; and how a social media superstar helped take the song to new heights. OG Presents: “Dalaga” by ALLMO$T, which premiered on Friday, August 20, at 8 p.m., only on the OG YouTube Channel.


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