NBI: Almost All Organs Of Rave Party Victims Got Damaged

Whatever caused the heart failure of Lance Garcia and Bianca Fontejon also affected almost all of their internal organs.

Five Closeup Forever Summer concertgoers passed away over the weekend after they were rushed to the hospital, prompting authorities to closely investigate the incident. 

The National Bureau of Investigation’s medico legal officer said that whatever caused the heart failure of two of the victims, Lance Garcia and Bianca Fontejon, also affected almost all of their internal organs. 

Dr. Wilfredo Tierra said he found it strange that the victims’ organs seemingly appeared to have been grilled by a still-unknown cause, The Inquirer reported.

“There was bleeding in the internal organs which is highly unusual in cases like these. Almost all internal organs were involved—the brain, the lungs, the liver, the intestines, the spleen, and the kidneys,” he said.

Tierra also said they had to investigate further, since a heart attack does not explain how other organs of the victims got severely damaged.

“We will take this as a whole. Heart attack was not the only cause of death. If what was taken was ingested, the whole body system was affected,” he said, adding that it was the first time he handled a case like this in his 20 years of doing autopsies.

Tierra was the doctor assigned to conduct an autopsy on the remains of two of the five victims following the tragic incident.

He noted that the victims’ organs including the brain, lungs, and intestines were either swelling or ruptured.

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