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American Guys Pick Their Favorite Pinay Celeb

They had the BEST to choose from: Kath, Liza, Nadine, Marian, and Anne!

YouTube/Fomo Daily

So a bunch of American guys cyberstalked our biggest Pinay celebs on Instagram—Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Marian Rivera, and Anne Curtis.

YouTube channel FOMO Daily released this vid as a follow-up to their first vid where they stalked the likes of James Reid, Enrique Gil, and Daniel Padilla. (P.S. They LOVED JAMES!)

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Now, we have these American guys giving their honest opinions about our lovely Pinay beauties. And, just so you’d know, once they went deeper in these celebs’ IG feeds, first impressions definitely did not last!

Here’s a bit of what they had to say about our homegrown celebs:

On Kathryn Bernardo: “I’ll tell you what—she looks very pretty.”

On Liza Soberano: “She looks like a girl from New York.”

On Nadine Lustre: “I like her. I feel like she’s artsy; she’s got an eye.”

On Marian Rivera: “That face is a face of a person who’s known passion in her life.”

On Anne Curtis: “This woman seems like she knows who she is.”

Watch the vid to find out which Pinay is their fave!

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