Andi Eigenmann Falls While Filming Exorcism Scene

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on January 8, 2015!

1 Andi Eigenmann and the rest of the crew of Tragic Theater were spooked out after the actress fell while hanging fifteen feet off the ground during an exorcism scene for the film. Andi shared that she was rehearsing lines with her co-star John Estrada when her harness snapped. She was chanting an exorcism spell in Latin when the freak accident happened. To this day, she refuses speak the words out loud. Scary, huh? (

2 Sorry Cumberbitches! Not only is Benedict Cumberbatch engaged, but he is also going to be a baby daddy soon! A spokesman for the actor confirmed that Benedict and his fiancée Sophie Hunter are expeciting their first child together. Congrats to the happy couple! (

3 We can’t wait to try Starbucks’ new drinks: Raspberry Truffle Mocha and Chestnut Praline Latte! The coffee concoctions will be available starting January 9.

4 It turns out Nicole Kidman had a crush on Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon when they met years ago, and he totally blew his chance with her. The actress revealed a very embarrassing story of her first encounter with Jimmy (which turned out to be very different from how he remembered it) during an appearance on his show. Watch the adorably awkward clip below!

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5 Remember when Carlos Celdran staged a protest in 2010 by dressing up like Noli Me Tangere’s infamous priest Padre Damaso and was accused of “offending the religious feelings” of bishops? Five years later, he is one step closer to being incarcerated for his crime, and he is appealing to Pope Francis to pardon him. In a statement posted on Facebook, he wrote, “Please have a word with the bishops of the Philippines. Truth be told, I don't mind going to jail. I only wish that your message of forgiveness, reason, and tolerance finally reaches their hearts and their minds. I heartfully hope this message reaches you and thank you for your consideration. Love, a humble member of your Filipino flock.” (Carlos Celdran Facebook page)

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