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Andi Eigenmann And Jake Ejercito Are Having A Twitter War And It Is CRAY

So. Much. Shade.
PHOTO: (ANDI) Instagram/jakegalvez, (JAKE) Instagram/unoemilio

Whoa there! Exes Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito totally threw shade at each other on Twitter. 

It all started with Andi opening up during her Camp Sawi presscon about her breakup with a certain ex:

“Because for a long time, everything that you wanted to do or achieve in life had him as a big part of it. And then, taking him out of the situation, it was after the phase of being heartbroken and I felt like life had no meaning anymore because he [was] gone.”

A few days after, Jake turned to Twitter to express his dislike over being mentioned for a movie promo:

“Alright, I've no idea why I'm being mentioned in interviews to promote something I'm not even part of and when my closest connection to the film is someone I haven't been in proper contact with for a long time. 

Can't you promote your film by only entertaining questions about the film or perhaps your career?”

Note: At this point no names have been mentioned by either party.

Just a few hours ago, Andi went on a Twitter rant about being in a relationship with a "narcissist" (and gave a shoutout to Taylor Swift), took the side of Selena in the Jelena feud, clarified that she had no intention to ruin Jake's image, aaand a whole lot more. In short, girl was just speaking about her own personal experiences about their relationship. 

The biggest bomb, though, was dropped when Andi actually mentioned Jake’s name:

Just in case hindi pa obvious, Mr Jake Ejercito, para sa iyo lahat yan.


Aww, snap!

The two (sort of) ended the whoooole dramatic episode by sending out positive vibes to all BUT retweeting some very telling posts.

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