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Andi Eigenmann Just Got Real AF About Breakups

'I felt like life had no meaning anymore because he was gone.'
PHOTO: Instagram/jakegalvez

Andi Eigenmann, Cannes 2016 darling and real-life mermaid, has had her fair share of heartaches. Being in the public eye for XX years hasn’t made her immune to getting her heart broken. On the contrary, Andi’s experiences with failed relationships made us realize one very valuable thing: Andi has been sawi in love–just like you and me.

During a recent presscon for her latest hugot movie, Camp Sawi, Andi detailed her controversial split with on-again, off-again boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Andi revealed to ABS-CBN that she had a difficult time figuring out who she was after building a life with her ex:

“Because for a long time, everything that you wanted to do or achieve in life had him as a big part of it. And then, taking him out of the situation, it was after the phase of being heartbroken and I felt like life had no meaning anymore because he [was] gone.”

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Damn, these feels.

But, as in most things, time does heal old wounds, and she came out of her breakup more aware of who she is:

“Getting out of it, now I know that the number one thing that I have to keep is who I am as a person and who I want to become.

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Awwww! *cries*

Andi is currently dating a non-showbiz guy whose identity she’d rather keep private. But, girl, we really, really are happy for you!  

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