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5 Andi Eigenmann Movies You Can Stream Right Now

She won a Best Actress award for 'The Maid In London!'

Andi Eigenmann is currently *living her dream* in Siargao with her surfer boyfriend Philmar Alipayo and their daughter Lilo! Most recently, the actress celebrated her 30th birthday by reuniting with her firstborn daughter Ellie Eigenmann and marked her second anniversary with Philmar. And because we miss seeing her onscreen, here's a list of movies starring Andi that you can stream right now. Enjoy! 

1. Camp Sawi (2016) 

What if there was a beautiful island that serves as a "boot camp" for the brokenhearted?  Andi stars alongside Bela PadillaArci MuñozYassi Pressman, and Kim Molina as they play women from various backgrounds with different stories of heartache. 

Where you can watch it: Netflix, iWant 

2. The Maid In London (2018) 

According to the movie's iWant description, a young mother named Margo (Andi) flies to the United Kingdom to work as a chambermaidillegally. With the ever-present risk of deportation, she tries her best to survive. For her role, Andi won the Best Actress award at the 2018 Manhattan International Film Festival. 

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Where you can watch it: iWant 

3. A Secret Affair (2012) 

When Rafi (Anne Curtis) leaves her BF Anton (Derek Ramsay) the night before their wedding, her best friend Sam (Andi) steps in to "heal his broken heart." During an interview in 2012, Andi shared that she had a really hard time with the role: "I cry almost every day of shooting. I'm just also so lucky that these people have been so patient with me. They understood na this is my first and I haven't done anything close to this." 

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Where you can watch it: Netflix, iWant 

4. ABNKKBSNPLAko?! (2014)

Based on Bob Ong's bestselling novel, this movie tells the story of Roberto (Jericho Rosales) and we see him at various points in his lifefrom elementary school to adulthood. Andi starred as a character called "Special Someone," Roberto's ultimate crush.

Where you can watch it: Netflix, iWant 

5. Your Place Or Mine? (2015) 

According to iWant, Andi plays the role of Hailey, who's going through a tough time because of a previous break-up. She ends up spending the night with Russell (Bret Jackson). But what Hailey doesn't know is that her family is setting her up for marriage with none other than Russell himself! 

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Where you can watch it: iWant 


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