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Andi Eigenmann On Postpartum Depression And Returning To Siargao: 'Sunny days are coming'

The mom of two is hopeful that there are brighter days ahead.

After opening up about her postpartum depression, Andi Eigenmann is sharing her thoughts about her condition and their family’s return to Siargao. Andi, her daughter Ellie, and boyfriend Philmar Alipayo have been in Manila for two months for the birth of baby Lilo, her child with Philmar.

The surfer mama is looking forward to returning to their island home. “We are headed back to Siargao after two months of being in the city with [this] gloomy weather. I’ve been listening to your suggestions and following some advice, but I feel going back to our island home is what’s going to be the most impactful.”

“‘Sunny days are coming!’ is what I have been telling myself whenever I feel ‘confused’ about where I’m at in life. I’m still sure of it. And I don’t just mean actual sunlight, but brighter days in general. I do miss my old self. Myself, before having two kids. But not enough to regret the life I have now. I love where I’m at, even if it hasn’t been easy. That’s what keeps me going. Regardless of how long this PPD lasts or how it goes away, having @chepoxz and my two girls by my side keeps me from giving up on my dreams. And this is why I’m sure that sunny days are coming.”

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In February, the couple shared that they are building their dream house in Siargao.

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