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Andi Eigenmann Gives An Update On Baby Lilo As She Turns Six Months Old: 'We love watching her grow'

Such an adorable baby!

Andi Eigenmann gave us a Baby Lilo update by sharing a family photo with partner Philmar Alipayo.

Andi shared in her post that Baby Lilo just turned six months old. 

The actress, who gave birth to Baby Lilo on July 24, 2019, shared some of the traits she has noticed in her baby.

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She wrote, “She’s been loving the great outdoors a lot, enjoys talking to people, and watching all the kids play.. And because she’s been showing signs of readiness, we’ve started her on solids.  Just a little bit of taste testing but so far, she loves every vegetable and fruit we have made her try! We love watching her grow.”

Recently, Andi shared a photo of her eldest daughter Ellie and shared a nugget of wisdom on how she wants to raise her two beautiful kids in terms of how they look at themselves. Andi wrote: “My goal is not to raise my kids to be beautiful in other people’s eyes. It’s to raise them to feel beautiful in their own eyes.”

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