Aww, Andi Manzano Shares Her Thoughts As Olivia Attends Her First Day Of School

Andi said she doesn’t know how to feel.

Andi Manzano took to Instagram on October 24 to share that her eldest daughter, Olivia, has started her first day of “big school.”

Andi began her post by saying: “To be honest, I don’t know how to feel. I always thought of this moment and yet here we are.”

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The radio DJ shared how excited Olivia was to attend school. “You were so excited to wear your uniform that when we bought it, you didn’t remove it until we got home [because] you wanted to show dad. You bugged me the whole week to buy you black shoes,” Andi shared.

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Andi’s post continued as she said, “You even woke up extra early to fix your bags and pack your baon. I could see the excitement in your eyes when we dropped you [off]. I love you, Oli. This is it!” 

Andi said that Olivia is starting a new chapter and adventure. “The world is yours, take it, my love,” Andi wrote.

In September 2019, the bubbly Olivia met Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and asked for tips on how to become Miss Universe. To which Pia replied, “You have to smile, pose, wave, and blow a kiss.” 

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