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Andrew Garfield And Dev Patel's Oscars Bromance Is Too Cute

Their embrace will end you.
PHOTO: Twitter/Hannah

You hear that? That's the sound of millions of hearts beating at the sight of Andrew Garfield and Dev Patel's sweet embrace from the 89th Academy Awards. Between Meryl Streep's standing ovation and  Moonlight's epic Best Picture win over La La Land, Andrew and Dev found each other and exchanged a hug here and a word there. The moment lasted for a few precious seconds during a commercial break but for many, it felt like forever.

It's unclear what Andrew and Dev discussed while holding on to each other's freshly pressed tuxes, but my money's on any of the following: (1) their respective Oscar-nominated performances, (2) just how incredible Moonlight was, or (3) where they're vacationing (together or separate) now that awards season is officially over. It doesn't actually matter what they talked about IRL; the Internet had its own ideas, and then some:

It truly was one of the most beautiful things to happen on Oscars night. Best of luck to this bromance, and any other bromance Andrew decides to embark on during future award shows.

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