Angel Locsin Erases All Traces Of Luis Manzano On Her IG Feed

Oh damn, it is definitely OVER.
PHOTO: Instagram/lalaflores16

Breakups in 2016 have gotten much, much harder with all the social media ‘cleansing’ one has to do to get rid of any traces of an ex. More so when you’re one of the biggest stars in the country and have millions of fans stalking your social media accounts for the latest updates—uploads and deletes included!

Such is the case of Angel Locsin and her controversial breakup with Luis Manzano. It was only yesterday (several months after their split) that her 2.1 million followers noticed she deleted all traces of her ex on her Instagram account. [via]

Can it be considered her way of trying to move on? Perhaps, considering their relationship did span from 2007-2016. Damn, ang sakit.

After scouring IG, however, we found pre-breakup pics of Angel + Luis aka all the pics Angel would rather forget. ‘Cause if you post something online, there’s a 99% chance it’ll last #forever. *cries*

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