Angelica Panganiban Apologizes For Holocaust Memorial Photo: 'I will use this as a learning experience'

The actress said she had no intention to malign or disrespect anyone.

Angelica Panganiban has apologized for her photo taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Germany, which drew flak online for being “insensitive” and “inappropriate.” In her Instagram Story, the actress said, “Kakabili ko nga lang pala ng bansang ito, ayon sa OOTD ko. Tabi! Dadaan ang madam!” 


The Holocaust Memorial was built in remembrance of the six million Jews killed in the World War II genocide. It has over 2,000 unmarked gray concrete slabs that resemble coffins.

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Angelica tweeted her apology, “While there is no malice and intention to malign and disrespect the memories of the Holocaust, I would like to apologize for offending the sensibilities of others over a picture I posted on my IG story.”

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She said she’ll take it as a learning experience. “As I travel, I will be more informed about the history [of the places I visit] and use this as a learning experience to be more conscious [of the] things I post. Again, my sincerest apologies.”

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Before visiting Germany, Angelica celebrated her birthday in Italy with her family and friends. 

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