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Angelica Panganiban Just Slammed An IG User For Blaming Her For Her Failed Relationships

The comment was NOT cool.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamangelicap

Following Angelica Panganiban’s recent heartbreak and “almost relationship” with Carlo Aquino, people wanted to know what went wrong. That’s normal. We were all invested in her happiness and were shocked when she suddenly unfollowed him on Instagram after the holidays—which they’d spent together.

What’s not cool is blaming Angelica for the breakups she’s been through. Angge herself can’t stand it. So when an Instagram user told her today that her relationships never lasted because she gave “all of herself so easily,” she had to give him a piece of her mind.

She replied to the now-deleted comment, “And what’s wrong with giving ‘all of you?' Pag nagbigay ka, susukatin mo? May pang sukat ka? Kasi kung meron, my gaaad pahiram please.”

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We couldn't agree with Angelica more. Giving all of yourself—or being "easy"—is never the reason a relationship doesn't fly. A relationship doesn't work because the person you gave your all to just isn't the right one (and that might not be his fault either—unless he cheats on you then it definitely is).

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