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5 Times Anne Curtis Totally Won At Fangirling Over Korean Stars

She's Twitter buddies with Park Bo Gum!
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

Just like us, Anne Curtis has become a fan of all things Korean. But unlike us, this girl is living every fangirl's dream because she's gotten to meet her favorite Korean idols and actors! Don't worry, tayo rin soon. Claiming it! 

Here are Anne's best fangirl moments over the years: 

1. When she got to witness Gong Yoo's fan meet! 

It's no secret that Anne fell for Korean dramas because of Gong Yoo. In May 2017, Anne flew to Hong Kong to attend her fave actor's event! On Instagram, she wrote, "Such a charming gentleman! Never had I imagined I'd get to see him THIS close. From being a fan that was just watching his series and movies to THIS." 

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Then in November 2019, Anne *actually* met Gong Yoo in the flesh during a luxury brand's event in South Korea! She talked about their encounter on It's Showtime and she shared how nice the South Korean actor is IRL. Lucky you, Anne!

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2. When she got to visit Goblin shooting locations in Quebec. 

In March 2019, during her solo trip in the middle of her concert tour in Canada, Anne made it a point to take photos at key Goblin locations in Quebec, like the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and the iconic red door in the Petit-Champlain district. She also wore a red scarf and maroon sweater like Ji Eun Tak and looked every bit like the Goblin's Bride!

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3. When she met BLACKPINK! 

Anne got the chance to take photos with the K-pop group during their Manila concert in February 2019! She wrote in her caption: "I wanted to say so much but ended up being soooo speechless the moment I shook your hands." Same, Anne. Same. 

Anne also encountered BLACKPINK's Jennie at a music festival in Korea, but she *kept her cool.*  

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4. When she and Park Bo Gum became Twitter buddies. 

Even before he came here, Park Bo Gum and Anne had a sweet Twitter exchange when he said that he hoped to meet her soon, because she was the emcee for his upcoming fan meet. 

In July 2019, Anne tweeted a selfie with a Bo Gum standee while she was in Seoul, and he replied, saying, "Sorry for my late response! When did you come to Korea? Having a good time here? I'm shooting a movie these days. Though the weather's too hot, I hope you can fully enjoy the time while staying in Korea! Thank you for saying hi to me." 

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5. When she gave away concert and fan meet tickets! 

Anne's certainly reached peak fangirl: Through her dream-fulfilling passion project, Dream Machine, Anne gave away BLACKPINK concert tickets and passes to Park Bo Gum's Good Day tour. We love fans supporting fellow fans!

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