Anne Curtis Defends Nadine Lustre From A Hater On Twitter

"You are a horrible person."
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/paulnebres, (RIGHT) Instagram/annecurtissmith

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows all too well that grief is extremely personal. The It's Showtime host Nadine Lustre has been going through the recent passing of her younger brother, Isaiah, who died in an alleged suicide. 

Having work commitments to attend to, Nadine was seen back on her noontime show on Monday, October 16. Twitter user @kathxnielonly, however, bashed Nadine's presence on the show and tweeted a reply to a screengrab of her with Anne Curtis.

"Namatayan na nga nagagawa pang mag-inarte na ganyan. Advocacy pang keep going ulul. #OwnWhoYouAre pa rin without pretentions."

Anne couldn't help but defend her co-host from the basher and tweeted some heated words in response:

"You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So back off."

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