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Anne Curtis: 'I Am Engaged To The Love Of My Life'

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 20, 2016!

1 Newly engaged Anne Curtis gave a message to her fans on It's Showtime yesterday, saying, "It is with a grateful and happy heart na I'd like to tell all of you, I am engaged to the love of my life, Erwan Heussaff. We are both both very happy to share with you the great news, and being someone who's always in the public eye, I think it's very, very important that I shared it with all of you, which I did yesterday." Aww, we're so happy for you, Anne and Erwan! Please share more wedding deets with us!

2 No one is more overjoyed for Anne Curtis than her sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith! In an Instagram post, she wrote, "I am the happiest little sestra for you @annecurtissmith! Congratulations to you and @erwanheussaff! Never doubted the forever everyone sees in your relationship. God may have given you the biggest challenges in life but He also showers you with the best blessings that you deserve! woot woot! What will be your wedding hashtag kaya?"

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3 Have you seen Rogue One? Did you love it? Well, Sandro Marcos sure did, and he said it was "incredible" in a recent tweet. Unfortunately, people interpreted his message the wrong way and replied with clapbacks about his family. Burrrrn! (

Here's a sneak peek:

4 Wait, Mariah Carey doesn't know Demi Lovato?! The diva stopped by the show Watch What Happens Live on December 18 and played the game "Does She Know Her?," where she had to reveal if she knew today's top pop stars. Get this: She isn't "familiar" with Ariana Grande, and she doesn't know if she has met Miley Cyrus ("I think we met in a bathroom..."). As for Demi Lovato, Mariah said, "I don’t know her either, and so I wouldn’t say anything to her." Back in June of this year, Demi criticized Mariah for being nasty to J.Lo and said, "Mariah is a legend and so talented but constantly disses people... The woman is mean for no reason." Mariah's comment? "She should come up, introduce herself to me, say here’s my opinion, 'What do you think about it?' That’s how you handle shit, OK?" (

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5 Maine Mendoza's dream honeymoon destination? She tells Kris Aquino in a one-on-one interview that she loves the beach, and she would one day want to go to the Maldives with the love of her life. We wonder who the lucky guy will be? Alden Richards, are you reading this?!

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