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Anne Curtis Fangirling Over 'Hotel Del Luna' Is Basically All Of Us

She's fallen for Chung Myung too!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/annecurtissmith, (RIGHT) Hotel Del Luna/tvN

Mom-to-be Anne Curtis may be *a little late* to the party, but she's currently watching hit 2019 K-drama Hotel Del Luna and she's got A LOT of feels about it! 

On February 7, Anne took to Twitter to announce that she'd decided to watch the hit IU and Yeo Jin Goo series in favor of Crash Landing On You (because CLOY is still ongoing). 

Later that day, she said, "Ms. Jang is making me miss drinking champagne." On the eve of February 7, she shared a photo of Chung Myung (Lee Do Hyun), writing, "KYOT."

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Unsurprisingly, she's also OBSESSED with IU now! "Her outfits, hairstyle, and NAILS, can relate ako. Very me! Hindi lang now. Maternity clothes muna ako. Wait lang kayo. So far, I'm loving it so much. [It's my] first time to watch a fantaserye again after Goblin and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. So it's been a while! Galing nila!" 

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Anne also shared a fan's Twitter thread, which made side by side comparisons of her outfits and Jang Man-wol's: 

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According to Anne's Twitter updates, she's been binge-watching and sleeping late because of HDL and that "the puyat factor, I think, will help me for the future sleepless nights I'm about to have with my little bub." 

We can't wait to see Anne's reactions when she finishes watching it!


Hotel Del Luna tells the story of a hotel manager (Jin Goo) who is recruited by the owner (IU) of a hotel for lost dead souls. Together, they help the dead find peace and deal with their ~unfinished business~ in the world. They are also forced to confront their personal issues and people from their past (enter Do Hyun), and somehow end up falling for each other in the process. 

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