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Anne Curtis Launches Her New Website,!

She's taking being "Anne-bisyosa" to the next level.

Anne Curtis just launched a website!

The It's Showtime host took to her Instagram account to tell her followers (all 2,086,176 of them!) to visit at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 30:

You should totally bookmark the site, especially if you're a die-hard Anne fan like we are! The actress blogs about her personal travels, shares her style inspirations, and reveals upcoming projects she's working on. And did we mention she even lets boyfriend Erwan Heussaff write about food? Yum!

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But our favorite part about the site is the video section—where we found this clip with Anne answering 50 of the most random questions EVER, inspired by Vogue's "73 Questions."

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A snippet we love:

Interviewer: Do you believe in mermaids?
Anne: Of course! I am one!

Congrats on the new website, A!