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Anne Curtis’ Workout Is Inspiring Us To Hit The Gym For Real

How to be a body peg 101—push, Anne!
PHOTO: Instagram/annesurtissmith

Prior to leaving for her concert tour in Canada, Anne Curtis managed to squeeze in a workout to get ready for her show. Fan account annecurtis008 shared a series of private footage of Anne’s intense workout from the star herself, and we see how hard the actress works for her hot bod. In the videos, you’ll see Anne acing her routine doing various circuit exercises.

The Dyosa shared clips of herself conquering different physical feats that are made to deliver visible results. She went from kettlebell swings and jumping squats to mountain climbers and beaver tails. Then, she did overhead medicine ball lifts, weighted leg lifts, and burpees.

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This is the typical circuit training workout that Anne does with her personal trainer Arnold Aninion. Arnold is a personal trainer who helps sculpt the bodies of some of our fave stars, like Raymond Gutierrez and Belle Daza, among many others.

In the series of videos, you’ll hear the Dyosa turn human. It’s a relief to know that Anne, with her now-six pack and perfect arms, can be just like the rest of us—negotiating through reps, groaning through challenges, and wanting to stay a wee bit longer on the mat in between sets. But, we also see that she’s as determined as she is human. And, we’re totally inspired!

Like many of us (or so we’d like to think), Anne has her eye set on her 2019 goals. She’s focusing hard to make her dream bod a reality. She followed a keto vegetarian diet for a while with weekend cheats, and she’s wanting to be her ideal weight for her height, with all the right muscles in place.

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Anne, those are our goals, too. And, promise, we’ll get to them as soon as we finish this chocolate bar we’re savoring while writing this piece.

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