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This OPM Song From Any Name's Okay Is Actually Inspired By BTS' V!

PHOTO: (LEFT) Twitter/bts_twt; BTS/Big Hit Entertainment; (RIGHT) Instagram/anynamesokay

We've all fangirled in different ways, but have you ever written a song inspired by your K-pop bias? That's exactly what Any Name's Okay vocalist Sofia Abrogar did! 

In a quick Twitter convo with Sofia, she said that she's been a fan of BTS for approximately five years now, ever since she was in high school, and that Taehyung (also known by his stage name V) is her ultimate bias. 

Sofia shared: "In the beginning, I wanted to write a hopeful love song. At the time, I didn't really have anyone in my life to write about in that way, so I decided to make Taehyung an inspiration! The first verse is really the only verse that made it [from] the first draft of the song to the record, so I'd say that [only] *part* of the song is about Taehyung."

So that would be...."If I knew / Oh, if I knew / What it took to get to you / I'd be unstoppable / Oh, I'd be unstoppable." 

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Sofia added: "When I brought the song idea to the band, it really changed so much both lyrically and musically. 'Vivid' as it is now is really about what it feels like to take a leap of faith, and seeing so clearly what you want to achieve. It can still be interpreted as a love song, but for me, it's more about trusting yourself and having faith [in] the future even if it's hard."

Watch the song's lyric vid here: 

Any Name's Okay is a five-piece alternative pop group that consists of Sofia Abrogar (Vocals), Renzo Lumanog (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mike Armas (Lead Guitar), Arvin Olete (Drums) and Juan Lada (Bass.) "Vivid" is part of the band's All I Feel And See EP, which was released in November 2019. 

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