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PHOTOS: Arci Munoz’s Best ~Halloween~ Costumes (So Far)

We're in love with every single one.
PHOTO: Instagram/ramonathornes

Arci Munoz has always been our peg when it comes to creativeand colorfulhairstyles and makeup looks. But did you know? The actress/rock band singer/icon has been dressing up (not just on Halloween) and giving us the ultimate costume goals for years now!

Here, we’ve compiled them all for you: 

Belle, 2018

For her 29th birthday, Arci dressed up as Belle from Beauty And The BeastShe even had an adorable pupper dressed as “Beast” with her! Arci had a party to help raise funds for furry animals from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

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“Zombie” Snow White, 2017 

Last Halloween, Arci went as a ~darker~ version of Snow White and spent it walking around Disneyland with her boyfriend Anthony Ng.

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Snow White, 2017 

When she turned 28, Arci dressed up as the famous Disney Princess. She also spent her birthday celebrating with kids from a charity in Rizal.

P.S. Where were the dwarves, though?   

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Sailor Moon, 2016 

Arci is a certified otaku and for Halloween 2016, she cosplayed as her favorite sailor soldier in Japan. 

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BTW, she also has this amazing stash of Sailor Moon collectibles!  

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Jack Skellington, 2016 

Here’s Arci as a character from The Night Before Christmas during her friend’s bridal shower/Halloween party:

Harley Quinn, 2015 

Who could forget this iconic costume? For a magazine photoshoot in 2015, Arci went all out as the ~psychotic~ character from Suicide Squad, which was played by Margot Robbie.  

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Corpse Bride, 2012 

What a rare find! Here's Arci for Halloween six years ago: 

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