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Arci Muñoz Responds To A Hater Bashing Her Hips


Being a celeb makes you an instant cyber bulling target even with the most innocent of intentions when posting online. For Arci Muñoz, a certain Instagram picture she posted of her recent trip to Amanpulo garnered hate by a basher saying that her hips are "fake." [via]

Instead of, you know, not minding the comment, Arci went on to respond to the accusation with a whip-sharp retort, saying:

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"Alam mo dati problema ko ang laki ng balakang ko! Kung puwede nga lang bawasan... pero hindi, asset iyan, sabi ng nanay ko. Ang dapat mabawasan ay ang mga taong katulad mo dito sa mundo!!

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*clap clap clap* Well said, girl!